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The Away Goal

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In today's european football it is the most important thing, when u play away score at least 1 goal and already even if u lose you are in a great position.

I noticed that in every game, esp the bayer-man u, that the commentatros kkept stressing the away goal.
right now bayern can go out there and field a 6-3-1, and defend. and if man u cant score well they are out.
I dont like this rule, it really kills the second game at times

Your though's

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This is an interesting point, you're by no means making no sense.
Indeed I have many times wondered if this rule is fair at all. You say it kills the second leg at times, but in fact it always happens that the first leg becomes affected, because few away teams will be in the mood of adopting a real attacking tactic, and the home side will play worried about the possibility of receiving a goal.

The aim of this rule was to encourage the attacking game, but I think it often happens the opposite. It's been a little like the golden goal, that blew away the possibility of repeating some of the gorgeous extra times of the past, and in return we only have boring minutes along which teams are so frightened that they only wait for the penalty shoot out. Golden goal has not been successful, and UEFA won't use it any more. Maybe they should also test how things would go if one goal would only be worth one goal no matter where it is scored
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The away goal rule allow comes up if the aggregate is tied. Madrid lost at Bayern 1-2. They still needed to win to advance. Any one goal win except 1-0 (advance) or 2-1 (ET or PK) would have killed them!

Had they won 2-1, then they will an advantage of playing for a tie, win, or losing 0-1 to advance, or losing 1-2 (ET or PK). Any other result will see Bayern through.

Had they tied, say 2-2, then they had to win or tie 1-1 to advance, or tie 2-2(ET or PK). Any other result, Bayern advances.

There's no real advantage unless the road wins, or loses or ties with a large score.

The rule was used because there is no time for a replay.
Well we saw Man U bow out today thanks to the rule (Suddenly i like it alot more ;) )

But in any case the game was good, but nowehre near the level of the first leg wehre bayern just attacked all game, here they were contenet to sit back, and attack only at times.

well lav, i agree with you.

I think the reason for the away goal rule was the same reason for the GG rule.. to lessen playing time. Games are less likely to go into extra time if you have the away goals rule.

Fundamentally, I have a problem with the away goals rule.. What if I am a mentall weak team that feels the pressure from the fans at home.. and ALWAYs plays poorly but on the road, I am unstoppable.

The away-goals rule assumes that teams have a home-field advantage... but that is not always the case. Goals should be goals. I am the furthest thing from a 'purist', but this cheapens the game.

Better idea would be a 3rd game.. or xtratime if the score is the aggregate is the same (don't they do this in copa libertadores)? This will never happen... of course...the away-goals rule is here to stay.
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the away goal sometimes help you and sometimes no, in fact if your team draw at home 3-3 and away 1-1 your team is out so there are a lot of teams that are afraid to have 1 goal against and they prefer a 0-0 rather than 5-5 and this is bad for football.
i'm not agree with a 3rd match because there are already too matchs now and a extratime is good, but i will put only 1 half and not two and if the game still is drawed then the another half.and finally the penalties
being a united supporter i think the rule stinks.... now ;)

but what i find was the stupidest thing about the away goal rule.

The score was 1-1, and with around 25 minutes to go the commentator said that even if lverkusen scored a 2nd goal it would not matter, it only mattered that united scored 1 goal.

So it doesnt matter wether united went 2-1 up, or 2-2 as long as they scored a 2nd goal they would either win the tie or go to xtratime.

So leverkusen had a pretty tough gig there, the only reason they could score a 2nd goal was to ensure xtra time. Now that is bull****.

I dont know if i have written this so u understand it, but the gist is that because of away goals and aggregate scores, that if keverkusen scored a 2nd goal it would only ensure extra time if united scored another goal too.
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I have to admit I didn't understand your last post, Beechy.
When it was 1-1, whoever scored next won, as simple as that; had it gone to 2-2 it would've been the same score as the first leg and naturally it goes to extra time.

i've always been a bit sceptical of the away goals rule, particularly when the away goal is a penalty, but I love the see-saw effect it gives in some games. Once a certain score has been reached in the seond leg, one team is going to win within the 90 minutes, which often makes for a good old hell-for-leather game, which is the vital element in Champions League matches.
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