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I'm sure you're all well read on the supposed meeting between Chelsea and Ashley Cole, how it's illegal, and what could happen should it be proved to be true.

I'm just curious to find out what you think the punishment should be, if anything, if they are found to be guilty of "tapping up" the England left-back.

I say this out of curiosity of what you would say should you answer completely unbiased. For example, I would expect a United fan to say dock 'em nine points or Arsenal 11 and so on and so on. However, should you not view this from the perspective of a supporter affected by the outcome, what would you say should be done?

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Isaac said:
But what do you think should be done, Dan? Not thinking about you being Chelski, what do you think should be done when clubs do this?
Chelsea will get away with it, so I just don't want to talk about it. If other clubs do it and there is hard evidence, than I'd say a penalty should be given such as a fine. I'm not for the point deduction system, unless it is something that has influenced the standings.

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Wenger tap rap


ARSENE WENGER has broken his silence on the Ashley Cole tap storm by insisting: I know exactly what went on.

The Arsenal boss fumed: “You must reckon I’m really naive if you think I don’t know what happened.

“But it’s for the Premier League to get the truth out. What does it change if I know the truth or not?

“The fact I know what happened doesn’t change what I can do.

“We are in the middle of a storm which we have done nothing to help cause.

“What have we done wrong? If somebody has done anything wrong it’s Chelsea. They can say yes or no.”

Premier League chiefs are investigating after Gunners left-back Cole, 24, secretly met Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho and chief executive Peter Kenyon in a London hotel last month.

Arsenal — who made an official complaint — have told disciplinary chiefs they will co-operate fully and will not prevent Cole from giving his side of the story.

But the row has disrupted the Gunners’ attempts to get their England star to agree an extension to his contract at Highbury.

Wenger added: “The story has been a big disturbance to us.

“The timing was especially unpleasant as the story broke on the day of our game with Manchester United.

“I have found the whole story upsetting. The most important thing is to get the truth out.”

Wenger has raised a few eyebrows by flatly refusing to speak about the scandal to Cole, who has also been linked to Real Madrid.

But the Frenchman insisted: “What does it change if I ask Cole what happened? What does that change? It’s all down to the Premier League.

“Anyway, who tells you that I do not know already what happened? Do you really take me for naive?”

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