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The Ajax forum hasn't heard anything about Manucharyan's transfer

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You're the second one to ask me :p I wanted to tell Edgar myselve but I was to shy. Or didn't think about it *angelface*

He looked really good! And I'm not saying this because I'm a girl, I mean he looked very healthy. Dunno exactly what he was wearing, a red/black sweater (vest??) and jeans and he still walked on two crutches or however you say it.
Dunno when he'll be back exact
Dear Tatiiana, because of problem with my internet provider I can't view my personal messages. So can you please email your message to me?
i read it that he was practicing and the cast is of his feet so his moving and doing light exercise. he will start playing end of march
Sounds good, lets hope the injury didnt take anything out of him permanently.
hell stay in ajax i said it earlier and will say it now.
Ohhh noooo. Koeman has resigned as Ajax coach!!


I hope the new coach signs Edgar. This is going to get a bit shitty.
Hayi Baght

Darn It
Truly Hayi bakht
Let's not loose hope guys
Our Edo will prove to everyone that he is a star
exactly our Edo is the best and if He want to become a star , he must to prouve to everyone that he is a star
I don't think this will have much effect on Edgar, from what i heard not only Koeman but the management by large liked what they saw in Edgar. I think he will still almost definately get a deal.
well koeman liked him a lot its kind of a set back but i think they will still sign him.
181 - 191 of 191 Posts
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