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The Ajax forum hasn't heard anything about Manucharyan's transfer

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If something surfaces, will definitely be in the www.english.ajax.nl
corrected the link enlish.ajax.nl
maaaaaaaan, wrong one again, here is the good one english.ajax.nl
Axper es ban chem haskanum. Ajaxi website gnum em, voch mi ban chi asum. Neuzeli tekuz mi tarov sign linele irants teami hamar news chi? Txerk hastat hamozvats ek vor sign a arel?

Any valid links?
Ok I found it!!!!!


Aper bytes lav pokr mokr txaya. Hollandatsik sran kuten, looooool.
Cool man!!!

My email is [email protected]

I did a search on the ajax site for him, didn't get any hits. What kind of a search did you do? Do you have a specific link to that pic or an article?
ARAMO JAN et kani bazak ei xmel? Looool. Che bytes vat chi aper, erevuma lav patkeratsum unes, u lav erazox txa es. Astvats ta, myus shapat etents el lini. Bytes de interviewi momente menak mi ban eir bats toxel, ppzatsa linelu ev vochte kangnats, loool.
AmsterdamAmstel, you da man.

If you can post the highlights it will be great. Specially for us in the US, we are football challenged. They don't show shit, so we have to kill each other for some freaking satelite tv or unknown mexican channel.
Maaan, physical, physical, that's what we lack :(
Tsankanum enk kez shut apakinum. (We wish you a quick recovery).
So let me see: How do you get an access to all the Ajax facilites. You have connections or you are journalist intern??

Must be nice.
Armao jan, gites vor aper targmaneluts lav em. Hima inch uzum es vor mi hat mer kuroyi hamar targmanutyun anem :)
Dear Tatiiana, what was said in English wll be something like this: "Edgar had a reason for being excited. And that was you"

But who said, that we wouldn't be interested in your other pics? I personally would love to see the other pics where you came out well. Oh by the way, 2 years ago I was in Amsterdam. Stayed in Amstelveen. Loved the city. Unfortunately it was during an off-season.
One time an Arab guy is going through the customs. They ask him for his sex. He thinks that they are asking him about having sex, so he replies: "Yes, yes. Sometimes Male, sometimes Female and sometimes Camel".

I don't know why this joke poped in my mind, but neverthless wanted to share it with you.
stecino as i said earlier u are a perfect translater.
about the joke PERFECT.

baic cavttanem du ch pti targmaneir tekuz poghac merh kunem ara ai axper karogha KCEL eq uzum lav ai cavttanem takh grel ei vor xmac ei.
hima et bozi akhchikh ova ara
KUNEM IRA TIROJ MERH .cavttanem ete durt ekela ai urish ban baic axpers el tenc ban chaneq KATAKH mijan
Ap jan srtit motik mi enduni. Endakarake ktselu moment chka. Ches tenum axchike vonts a uraxatsel u lezun batsvel. Aper evropatsi axchika, es irants lav gitem ;)
Boys and girls I don't mean to convert this into joke forum, but here is another one:

Why is 6 is afraid of 7??

Because 7 ate 9.
Jan Aramo jan.

Mi hat tush. Ko patvin mi hat nkar. Srantsits vor mekin es uzum. Iharke I'm not included hahahaha.
Here is the pic


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And here is another one ;) :kiss: :drunk: :tongue: :eekani: :lick: :smileani:


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