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The Ajax forum hasn't heard anything about Manucharyan's transfer

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www.A1plus.am says the Edgar is going to Holland to sign with Ajax, and Bete is going to France for Bordoux!......NICE, Armenia is producing some good players. If they keep it up, the NT is gonna be PACKED. :excited:
moldova, im a little disapointed, one of the top scores in the Arm legaue goes on to a moldovan club.....it just sounds bad
NIce pic looks like he is training hard
In the first team?, does that mean he isn't in the under-17 squad for Ajax?....if its what i think it is THEN GREAT NEWS AMSTEL
Thanks a lot Amstel, and guys for the Great news, its nice to hear about Edgarik playing for AJAX.....ONE HELL OF A GREAT TEAM, Whats this i hear about PSG picking up Bete?, it was posted on www.uefa.com
Great pic, Thanks a lot Amstel
C'MON AJAX! hopefully u can pull off a three goals in the next half
Damn thats sad, he was doing good, hope to see him get a contract. I wonder edgarik if can get better before the NT games, WE NEED HIM!

:thmbup: GET WELL SOON EDGARIK :thmbup:
I wrote a few e-mails myself, I just wanna thank the Ajax fans in our forum with all the great news and info:

Thanks alot Juul2k, Chivu, and Amstel
Happy new year
1 - 10 of 191 Posts
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