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:) Thomas

Ernst Happel Stadium, Vienna

Champions SK Rapid Vienna hosted Leaders FK Austria at Ernst Happel Stadium with an attendance of 19,200 supporters. Among these were about 3,000 Austria fans.

FK Austria found the first opportunity of the game when SK Rapid defender made an error
but SK Rapid keeper Helge Payer saved ahead of FK Austria striker Roland Linz (7.)
Only eight minutes later FK Austria left defender Sasa Papac sent FK Austria left winger
Stepan Vachousek down the left side and after his cross FK Austria striker Filip Sebo (15.)
produced the first shot of the game towards the Rapid goal.
Within the 19th minute Sebo's shot got blocked from former FK Austria and todays SK Rapid
defender Martin Hiden and in the same minute a volley from his striking partner Linz went
above the goal.
After 21 minutes FK Austria midfielder Nastja Ceh delivered the ball towards Vachousek,
who produced a shot towards the goal, but teammate Linz went into it and saved for the Rapid
keeper Payer.

1-0. After a cross from Sebo former SK Rapid defender Radek Bejbl is unable to clear and
puts the ball towards Payer. The Rapid keeper seemingly surprised is unable to clear the
situation and Austrian international striker Roland Linz scored the 1-0 lead for FK Austria.

After a delivery from Linz it was Sebo who shot towards the Rapid goal, but Payer saved (26.).
After a cross from the left Linz tried to produce a header but Payer catches the ball first and
the challenge from Linz (31.) is looking a little unfriendly. The situation is continued with a free-
kick for SK Rapid.

FK Austria continued to dominate the game when both Ceh (35.) and Linz (36.) found further
chances. Sebo (39.) is making bad headlines when he got cautioned when he denied SK
Rapid midfielder Gyuri Garics a throw-in.

SK Rapid midfielder Petr Hlinka (42.) fouled FK Austria right winger Maicon Dos Santos brutally.
He got booked from referee Gerhard Lehner.

Stepan Vachousek (43.) found another chance for FK Austria when he shot a powerful volley on target. Goalkeeper Payer saved for SK Rapid not to conceede another goal.


SK Rapid, who didn't find a single shot towards the goal of FK Austria keeper Joey Didulica in the first half, found a good start into the second half. They found their first chances of the game within
the opening minutes of the second half.
SK Rapid midfielder Mario Bazina (53.) waited too long when he appeared ahead of the Austria goal and FK Austria defender Mario Tokic cleared the situation for his team.

Vachousek (55.) produced a header towards the Rapid goal, but Payer saved. Again it was
Czech international midfielder Stepan Vachousek (58.), who initiated another chance for FK Austria, when he delivered a cross to Sebo, but Sebo slides slightly-off the ball.

Minute 64 brought some action into play when Austria keeper Joey Didulica already catched
a ball securely. Rapid striker Marek Kincl tried to head the ball over the line, but the referee
denied this attempt and awarded Austria a free-kick.

2-0. Austria right winger Maicon Dos Santos (68.) scored the 2-0 from close range after Austria midfielder Nastja Ceh had delivered a fine cross from the left side.

The shot from Sebo (75.) went over the goal. SK Rapid defender Martin Hiden (78.) found a
good header after a corner for Rapid, but it went wide. Another approach from Sebo (81.) is
saved by Payer. His last chance, he got off in exchange for Austria midfielder Andreas Lasnik.

3-0. SK Rapid striker Muhammet Akagunduz missed with his header (91.). FK Austria striker
Roland Linz (92.) again did better when he scored the 3-0 within injury-time again after a cross
from the left from Slovenian international midfielder Nastja Ceh.



"I am very disappointed ablut the game, the first goal was a present for Austria. Only within the
first 15-20 minutes of the second half we played better football and found chances. Errors like
on the goals, when passes went directly into the deep space of the defence mustn't be allowed
in our play."


"Again as against SK Sturm we were the better side, this resultated then also in the three goals.
Roland Linz scored two goals." ...

"Sebo needed some time to settle at Austria and today he is a good, intelligent player, who is
ready and is known to use his free-space in attacking-play." ...

"We have now 3 points advantage (to Salzburg) and are thinking week-for-week and if people
say or write that we aren't using Austrian players that is respectless against the foreign players
and I promise you and I invite Mr Hickersberger on Wednesday to Horr-Stadium were I will field Metz, Kiesenebner and Lasnik. Rushfeld will also possibly play on Wednesday." ...

"No, it wasn't an easy victory today. Especially in the first 10-15 minutes of the second half
Rapid were putting pressure on us to find a goal. We displayed a solid performance and Rapid
has less creative potential after the transfers of Ivanschitz and Hofmann. Bazina was naturally
not able to fill out this role this completely.
No, it was no cheap win, I thought during the second half that anytime things can change."



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You're new here eh?

There's an Austrian forum, ya know.

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Culéd said:
Thomas, I moved this thread to the Austrian forum, hope you don't mind. Welcome to XT btw.
I knew there is an austrian forum, but i wanted to find more people benefitting from the post.

If this is not good for you-Sorry.

No i don't mind.


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so you attended the game in the stadium?
you support austria i suppose.

i couldn't even be arsed to watch it on tv. :tongue:

i'm afraid not many people here are interested in austrian football, but who can blame them? ;)

anyway, stick around and enjoy yourself.
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