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i'm here to express my gratitude. I realize that i earlier remark about delpiero and lippi and among many other things were offensive. But those were only to illustrate my point. I believe being frank is the best method to solve misunderstandings, so i've used my own method to resolve things on the past months.

i've offended people in here but it is really my way to get points across. And i've seen some of the Juve members really took my plead and acted against the nonsense. For that i am really grateful that you took your time and effort to make chronically check on the inter forum, of course, the forum can't be 100% free of tasteless posts, but i can already see the improvements we've made together.

Once again, I appreciate your grant of my request. Thank you.

Congrats on the title, i hope that next time we will not need to discuss this kind of matter.

We, inter, will meet you all on the top of the mountain again next season.

The FIFA President
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