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Thank you! And Congratulations!

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Fans all over the world are thanking you for beating Man U at Old Trafford. Well done :).
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Ya! Thank You and Congratulations!!!!
especially RAUL and :)keane :)

Real, you taught a good lesson to mu, that is Luck has left old trafford :) :) :) :)

I hope Real can go all the way!!
Thank you sooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuchhhhhhhh
forza real
i really hate united so im really happy....
after a brilliant match
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

At last a well deserved lesson for the ManUre scum. This will shut them up for at least..um..a few weeks :)
Redondos backheel was sooo awesome on the third goal! One of the coolest moves I've seen ever!
Also this new Real keeper, what planet does this guy come from!?!? He will be something special with a little more routine.

Anyway, big props goes out to Real and to spanish football. 3 out of 4 ain't bad...
Casillas de man! What a wonderful game from him. All you fans of football, all you should unite and thank REAL MADRID for beating the absolute scum. We did it. Real is the best. Now Bayern...
Wow, 3 Spanish teams in the Semi-final, now Real must KO Bayern to set-up a all-spanish final. And those british punter thought it would be a all-english final with Chelsea and Man U facing-off hehehe, well, Spain proved they have the better side. Outstanding was Real's keeper, Redondo, Mcmanaman, and esecially Raul for scoring 2 goals, at 3-0, everyone knew it was all over, we all know Man U are capable fo coming back from 1 and 2 goals down, but having to score 4 was not going to happen, not even at thier theatre of dreams, Old Trafford.
Just like to say Real, I love you soooo much!!!!!

You have made my night! :)

Who could have hoped for a victory tonight (we're all too used to Man Scum getting all the luck)

Fantastic second goal from da man Raul...but my favourite moment had to be Roy Keanes own goal because I hate him soooo much!!!!!!

Congrats, you've made many millions of people happy! :)
Congrats everyone for the victory... :) , I am sure anyone who knows something about soccer is happy for you tonight... All I heard was R.M. dominated and R.Carlos kicked Beckham's @$$ ;) ....

One last request, do you know where can I find mpegs of the goals... ?

Thanks :)

Sabry, Benfica
Del Piero, Juve
Forza Juve
congrats to real for their heroic effort against the scum of universe...a special thanx to castillas and redondo...great saves by a young goalie under pressure and great move by redondo against berg...the faceoff between redondo and keane was won redondo...he outclassed, out skilled, and out played him...good job to such a classy team like real madrid.
Thank you Real Madrid FC
-Representing every club in Italy and B. Munich.
Yes, thank God !!!
Man U is OUT!!!
The overated superstars are finally out. What Beckham curly freekicks, giggs runs.
Yes cut through giggs and beckham from the flanks, and they wait for their fellows teammates to help out., while they 2 overated
superstars wait out in fornt. But don't blamed them, they didn't learn to tackle well!!!
Ha Ha HA !!!

Thank U from a country where mostly are man U fans. Two more to go, British clubs!!!???
Thx all the ManUre Hate fanz here! :) :) :)
yeah,hahahahahahaaha.......shame on you, MU scums!
Though you may not a Real fan, but we have a common detester--MU! What a magnificetn moment! :)
But it is pity that NO ONE here can feel the most cheerful emotion as I have. Because I love Real most and hate MU most! Then what can I say besides HAHAHAAHA.... :) :) :) :) :) :)

Yeah, all the men are heros today...Casillas, Redondo, Raul, even Campo could do well :eek: .... and especially, we shouldn't froget that own goal man--Keane! ;)

One fantastic and memorial day for me!

:)Hala Madrid! :)
:DForza Real's players! :D
Yes, I agree with all of you. Man utd sucks! Congradulations to Real!!!
and the SCUMZ ARE OUT!!!! :) :) :) :)

Damn did you Scholes?? He plays dirty..
stupid little *****.. he looks gay.. yuck..



I still can't recover! Only one thing makes me sad : THAT THE SCORE DID'T STAY AT 0-3!!!!

As from today you are in the position you belong : THE MUD!!!!!

Arrogant scumbags!

Congratulations Real. Good game to watch, but most of all you stuffed the Scum. Cheers, fans from all around the world owe you for that.

I still can't recover! Only one thing makes me sad : THAT THE SCORE DID'T STAY AT 0-3!!!!

As from today you are in the position you belong : THE MUD!!!!!
Hala, everyone understands your very happy. So am I, but please stop writing the same thing a thousand times, just changing a couple of words ;)?
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