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Thai fortune tellers tip Brazil (or France, or Italy) as World Cup champs

BANGKOK, May 26 (AFP) - It is apparently in the cards that giants Brazil will win an unprecedented fifth World Cup next month by defeating African upstarts Cameroon 3-1 in the championship match.

At least that was the prediction of Thai fortune teller Bancha Lertthanu, who along with several other mystics was offering his opinions in Thai newspapers Sunday ahead of tournament kick-off in South Korea on May 31.

"Cameroon will be the dark horse in this World Cup, while Thailand's favourite team, England, will have difficulty getting to the second round because (fellow Group F teams) Argentina and Sweden will have better luck," Bancha told the Siam Sport daily.

Not true, says Katha Chinbanchon, a famed tarot-card reader and fortune teller.

"If Portugal doesn't lose in the quarter-finals, they will go through to the final, while Brazil is not likely to make it to the semi-finals," he told the Daily News, which printed detailed predictions of several fortune-tellers.

Katha said the Italians would not impress in the early stages of the 32-team tournament.

"But if they get to the final, they will have a high likelihood of taking the trophy."

A third fortune teller, Umawadee Siriaksorn, disagreed.

"Italy, France, Germany, Argentina and Brazil will fare well, but ultimately France will win because they drew the sun card," said Umawadee, who is known as Thailand's "fortune angel."

Such predictions have become almost routine in Thailand, where football fanaticism blends with a highly superstitious culture which for centuries has relied heavily on the views of fortune-tellers and other mystics.

Thai fortune tellers are routinely consulted on everything from romance, work and family issues to who will win the Miss Universe contest.

None of the seers made any shock predictions for the World Cup, however.

Bancha said England will struggle through to the second round only to be knocked out by Cup holders France.

While that would not sit well with Thai fans, he displayed some diplomatic tact by predicting co-hosts South Korea and Japan would both progress to the second round.

Bancha hardly went out on a limb by expecting another disappointing World Cup for Spain, which has traditionally wilted during the tournament.

China will suffer the worst of Cup performances as they will lose all three of their first-round matches, he said.
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