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have you guys ever heard of jermaine pennant, sebastian kneissel or perhaps cherno samba? the last mentioned has been being told as england's best kept secret, far more superior than owen or sheringham (when they're in his age; he's 14), scored more than 100 goals in 22 games etc.

my concern is: are they really worth it? has it been a new trend to sign a teenager? a pure attemp in re-generation or just a long-term project of money making? whadaya guys reckon?

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I think the thing is the clubs are trying to sign them at an early age so they are much cheaper, take Samba for instance, if he continues to live up to his promise then in 5 years time he'll be worth 15 million pounds (in todays transfer market). If you can sign him now for 1.5 million or wait until it costs you 10 times that, I know which I'd take. The other benefit is that if you are to take him to say Liverpool, (no Biase here ! :)), then the coaches will have the advantage of training him at a young age, and rid him of any bad habits etc.
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