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Technical shortcomings

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Although I've only really seen two games of Poland this season, it is a common opinion that the players have little to offer in terms of technical skills. I want to know why that has to be the case. Watching Poland in those two games against Norway, they did well in both of those and the players seemed to have the basic stuff down but the only player who showed anything more was Olisadebe. A comfortable ball control is something few of the others seemed to have.

What is the deal with Polish soccer being so behind in this aspect? We obviously have the strength, the tactics to do well against some of the better sides. But technical skills, dribbling, finesse, elegance, that has never characterized any of our players as far as I know, none of the teams in the top division either. One could imagine that Poles play a very mechanical type of game, there is little flair and creativity to be envisaged.

That is the impression I have from the very few games seen, but from the many articles and personal opinions read. I'm inclined to believe Pilka Nozna because they generally know their stuff. And a short extract from a post game comment "O technice nie wspomne, kogo bowien pod tym wzgledem dystansujemy na rynku europejskim? No mniejsza z tym." Pretty much sums it up. Further we read that "Odwolam sie do przyslowiowego banalu: trzeba zobaczyc aby zrozumiec. Coz, nalezy tylko ujrzec Hidetoshiego Nakate w akcji - z bliska, by pojac dlaczego zabiegaly o niego Perugia, Roma i Parma. Perfekcja techniczna, dynamika, wizja gry, wszechobecnosc na boisku, dzielenie podan w dowolnym kierunku i na kazda odleglosc, strzal... To co przed polwieczem wydawalo sie zenitem maestrii, teraz staje sie codziennoscia wysokiej klasy zawodnika." I have never seen any kind of similar description relating to any Polish player. And not even close. Why are we so lacking in this department. The Japan game clearly proved that point.

The Czechs are right across the border, where the hell is our Rosicky???
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We should all start diving like toti that will give us class and high technical marks, Teams have their style of play and Poland plays a physical game.

Hey it worked in the qualifiers, and look at all the goals we scored and not just by Olisadebe but by Zewlakow, Kaluzny, Kryszalowicz

If our players were not good or comfortable on the ball than they wouldn't play for top foreign leagues, Swerczewski is a great midfielder with great ball control and passing skills

watch a FC Lens game and you can see Jacek Bak doing bicicle kicks as well as great ball control....

watch a Feyenord game and you can see Smolarek doing 360 degre turns on the ball and running past defenders...

watch PAO and you can see OLI blow bast 3 defenders...

watch Liverpool game and you can see spectacular saves that nearly no one could pull off Dudek seems to come up with them week in and week out...

I think you get the point...
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You can always find some positive exceptions, but in general we lack technical skills. Sad but true. That's why we must pay much more attention to factors like stamina or strength.

In my opinion the main reason is poor youth coaching system in Poland. It's all about the money and lack of organisation. The clubs have no cash to train young talents. One of the requirements that Polish clubs will have to meet after the licence system is introduced is the necessity of having at least few youth teams. When it was announced, there was a big lament from even the richest clubs of our league which claim they have no pitches for youngsters and no money to spend on them. Pathethic.

Another reason are coaches. Some well known Polisch coaches like Andrzej Strejlau or Henryk Apostel claim that we have a great number of very good and still working coaches. That's bullsh*t. Of course, once again, the money is an important factor. Most of those who train young players earn ridiculously small money. And a lot of them have bad attitude to their profession. They often just throw the ball on the pitch and order children to play. They teach them nothing. Most of our youngsters are taught to run, while they terribly lack activities with ball. We have a lot of successes in U-16 or U-18 tournaments, but that's only art in itself. We forget that you train a youngster to turn him into a skilled player. We too often train them to win when they are young. They are taller and stronger than their peers from other countries, but after few years this means nothing.

Unfortunately, we also suffer from weather conditions. We can't play football through the whole year like people from southern countries do. This is a serious disadvantage, especially when you have no proper facilities (heated pitches, indoor pitches and so on).

The greatest talent of our soccer was in recent years probably Marek Citko. That guy had everything... Unfortunately, injuries ruined his career :depress: That's a big loss, not only for Polish, but also international soccer...
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yeah, if we had Citko we'd probably be favourites alongside Portugal. he scored against England and after that so many Premiership clubs wanted him. he would have been something special. the future in attack looks bright. How about Smolarek and Olisadebe in attack for us at WC 2006, with Brozek as first sub?
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