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Actually this is more of a hypothesis. Teams such as Real Betis, Athletic Madrid, Parma, and Barcalona, are facing troubled times and a lot of the players are uncertain about their future, maybe these unsatified players would sign another club if a good offer comes along.

Is this a true theory?

That could be the case with Real Betis and Atletico Madrid, largely due to the fact that they are relegated. But with Parma and Barcelona I'm not sure. Many people predict that many or possibly the whole Dutch contingent at Barcelona will leave, but I'm not that convinced, not yet anyway.
And with Parma, most players have stayed loyal, such as Thuram and Crespo who want to remain with Parma.

In some news, Denilson has said he will definitely be leaving Real Betis. Denilson as we all know went to Betis for a record fee, but not in his whole time did find his best form.
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