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Team of this round

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Like the team of the month, I've decided to make a team of the week. Now what I'd like you to do is discus wether some of the players were elected wrongly, and please try and take your club glasses off :).

                   Jesper Christiansen

Tomas Antonelius   Jan Sønksen   Diego Tur   Peter Christiansen

Erik Mykland   Ulrik Pedersen  Thomas Røll Larsen   Razak Pimpong
      Abdul Sule     Sibusiso Zuma
This team was selected by Carsten Werge and Poul Hansen, for Onside, I'm sure you Danish guys know these fellas ;).

The part where I disagree here, is on the central midfield. I simply don't understand how they can choose NOT to put Christian Poulsen on the team, and this is not some biased sh!t, he was man of the match Sunday if it hadn't been for Zuma's brilliant performance, and with all the balls he won and the fight he showed he surely should have been picked. Ridiculous :mad:.

Else I think it's very nice, also, good to see all the FCK players, especially considering how much they deserve it :). Also cool that Christiansen is playing his level up by each game, as we DO need a good third goalie for Japan, and neither Hoffman nor Krogh does it in my book!
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One of the few times theres no Brøndby players in the team :(
but they didnt deserve it, anyway! :( :(

I liked the comentatory on Pimpongs goal:
Og så opstod der lidt pingpong-fodbold foran målet. først ping, så pong... og så Pimpong!
:D :dielaugh:
I pretty much agree with the team although as Poul Hansen said, Sule and Pimpong are in on easy slots.

There is one thing I don't understand though. Why is Mykland in the team??? Granded, he scored a blinder against OB but that was just about the only time he put a foot right in that game. He had way too many inacurate passed and he didn't win that many tackles either. I actually think it is an insult to a guy like Christian Poulsen, who played a great game, that Mykland gets in the team every week just because he recently came from club at a higher level.
I agree Ane, Poulsen SHOULD be in that team, he was stunning, and we're not the only ones who've seen that, just look at BT's team of this round:


Tomalius    Dolf Lundgren (Albrechtsen)  Priske

   Thomasberg                 C. POULSEN

 Røll                   Frandsen          U. Pedersen
                   Zuma         Pimpong
I like this one aswell :).
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Yep, the only thing I don't like about this team is that it hits a very sore spot with me: Ulrik Pedersen.

I will never ever understand why OB let him go, and I will never ever understand why they treated him like they did when they had him :(
I don't know anything about that :embarass:, would you please fill me in, I'd really like to know :).

In the last two or three seasons he played in OB he couldn't do enough to be a first team regular. He always started the season on the bench but played pretty good when he came on. Of course at some point injury hits the other midfielders so the coach can't help but start Ulrik - More often than not he was MoM when he played from the start and even scored some important goals, but he would still be on the bench in the next game.

I have never figured out why things were like that. I have always heard that he works hard in training and is a pleasant guy to be around. The cynical side in me just thinks it was because he is too creative.....:depress:
That's sad :(. Nothing as frustrating as seing a player you think deserves a place in the starting 11 be benched, or even worse, not given a decent chance and getting sold... well thanx for the info :).
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