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Team Of The Year: 2004

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Since we approach the end of the year, who would make your starting XI for a team of 2004? This includes domestic action from January-May and again from August-December. As well as Euro 2004 and the Coppa America.

Please, let's not turn this into another Henry vs Shevchenko style debate, everybody just respect everybody's decisions, ok?


I know Puyol and Ronaldinho don't play on the right, but I had to fit them into my system somehow so...

Coach: Arsene Wenger


Casillas: The only consistent performer (along with Ronaldo and maybe Figo) for Real Madrid in 2004. Is exposed more than any other goalkeeper amongst Europe's top clubs, yet still manages to look world-class and has kept 8 clean sheets in 17 games with only 13 conceeded at an average of 0.76 goals per game.

Puyol: One of Barcelona's best players in their remarkable second half revival of last season, and also played very well at Euro 2004. This season he has simply been a rock.

Carvalho: Integral part of Porto's European Cup winning side from last season, and also played a major part of Portugal's Euro 2004 success in getting to the final.

Toure: I will put him in here for two reasons. First of all, he has had to revert back to a centre-half position which he hasn't played in since his days on the Ivory Coast, but has adapted brilliantly. Helped compose the Arsenal backline in the abscence of Campbell during spells from this season and the last, and has shown remarkable consistency.

Cole: The second of three Arsenal players to make my team. I think he has improved considerably from 2003 as he can now defend very well and attack with such purpose. Again, like Kolo Toure, I love the fact he is so consistent.

Xavi: Xavi, for me, over the course of 2004 has established himself as the best in the World in his position. Barcelona, incredibly, have won 28 of their 37 league matches in 2004 and have drawn six of them with only three loses (two of those losses even came during the last three games of last season, when Barca had nothing to play for)! You play a huge part in such a remarkable accomplishment, and you deserve to be on this team. Oh, and lets not forget the fact he has the coolest hairstyle in la liga.

Deco: Same reasons for Carvalho's inclusion. Plus Deco has gone on to achieve great things at Barcelona, he really has been sensational during Barca's success so far this season. He has a case to claim that he, and not Ronaldinho, is in fact Barca's most important player. And that really is saying something!

Ronaldinho: No explanation needed. Should be on everybody's team.

Vicente: Like Xavi, I think over the course of 2004 Vicente has established himself as the best left winger in the World. He played an instrumental role in Valencia's double-winning team from last season, with 12 goals and 14 assists from midfield. He was also one of only a few players that lived up to expectations at Euro 2004. His sparkling play got Valencia off to one of their best starts to a season ever, but their results went in terminal decline as soon as he was injured in October, showing just how important he is to this team.

Henry: The most complete striker in the World. Can score and assist equally as good and was a huge part of History. Enough said.

23 goals in his last 24 games for Inter Milan and he also lit up the Coppa America. It came down to either him or Shevchenko as there is pretty much nothing to choose between the two, but I gave the edge to Adriano because he has been more spectacular IMO.
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Good team, I wouldn't put Toure in it though.
My Team

Coach: Jose Mourinho: Pretty much says it all, back to back european title wins with unfashionable Porto.


Buffon: Is this a better keeper in the world today? I don't think so. Gigi began the year as far of the Juve team that won lo scudetto two years on the trot. He had a pretty bad time of it as Juve had probably there worst defensive record to date, but confirm in the Euro's as the only Italian except Zambrotta that left the competition with his reputation in tack. Since the summer Buffon has been the last line of defence in a Juve team who's defense this season can only been equalled by Chelsea of the EPL.

Cafu: at 36 years strong, Cafu displays week in week out why he commands the title "Best Rightback in the World". Cafu was part of the Milan team that won lo scudetto this past season, his amazing runs up and down the run for Milano can be an example to any budding fullback.

Terry: What is there to say about JT? Chelsea's own Bobby Moore, Terry has come so far from the day of appearing on the front pages of the English tabloid newspaper's for appearing in Court. Since commanding a starting place in first Claudio Ranieri's and now Jose Mourinho's Chelsea, he shows just why he has forces himself into Sven's England's team. Commanding in the air or on the ground, the future is bright for this young defender.

Nesta: The world's best defender, Sandro finally acheived the trophies for his play in the last 2 seasons.

Zambrotta: What was a good right winger, has turned out to be argubly the world best left back. Under the guidance of Ex -Juve Patron Marcello Lippi, Zambro was converted into a LB at what was a time of need at Juve. Since he's move to this position, Zambrotta has excelled beyond belief combining his already good attacking play with a good defensive display. He never stops running and is reliable both in an attacking sense and as a defensive one to.

Maniche: Excelled as part of Mourinho's Porto Team, Maniche is an accomplished midfielder who gives 100% to his team. A hardworker who can pop up with a goal out of nothing.

Deco: Now at the Camp Nou, Deco was another part of Mourinho's Porto. Deco is a naturalised Portuguese maestro who gives Brazillian flair to the team, an excellent playmaker with an eye for the hardest of passes as well as for goal.

Ronaldinho: Little Ronaldo, the name says it all. Even at 8 yrs old this lad was set for greatness the only problem was his father never got to see it. It's said little Ronnie invents a new trick every training session in which he fine tunes in his spare time in order to dazzle the fans of Barca in a match. World Player of the Year who is literally out of this world.

Sheva: Ukrainian International Andriy, probably the most deadly finisher in football today. Sheva provides 100% each game, a striker who starts out wide to put of defenders to which he comes in to strike a deadly blow.

Adriano: The Emperor, the new Ronaldo as he is known. The hottest striker in Europe just now with 21 goals in his last 22 games in all competitions and the current leading goalscorer of Serie A with 14 in 15 for Inter, almost single handedly won his country the Copa America this past summer scoring 7 goals in the process equaling a record set by the great Pele. Adriano combines Strength and amazing power to hurt defences around the world in a bid to finish it off with his incredible left foot be it 1 yard out or 40 yards out makes no difference.

Henry: Titi, possibly Arsenal's greatest striker ever. Has eclipsed Arsenal Legend Ian Wright's EPL record of 128 goals in just 5 1/2 season, also he is on his way to breaking the all time record set by Wright. Not bad if you consider when Arsene Wenger brought him to Highbury he was a winger. Arsene utilised his strengths and converted him into the world's best forward. Henry has stayed close to his roots, he drifts out to the left in games. Once he does this its normally game over for the opposition defence as with his amazing pace, skill and footballing brain he toys with the defence till they just let him by then for then he just scores for fun. A play who assists as much as he scores.
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You can clearly see who are Italian soccer fans and who are not. roefel.
Barcawinner said:
You can clearly see who are Italian soccer fans and who are not. roefel.
Yeah I know, I'm stiff to miss out on the central midfield spots ... ;)
Barcawinner said:
You can clearly see who are Italian soccer fans and who are not. roefel.
Is that really a problem?

but that is just my opinion, I could be wrong :)
You can clearly see who are Italian soccer fans and who are not. roefel.
whts the problem??

u want me to exclude sheva pallon d'or winner or adriano top scorer currently and put on henry or shearer for example? :howler:


best 2 squads posted here r mine and interista,, and putting toure in the BEST 11 in the world,, toping nesta,,canna,thuram,,carvahlo,etc.. is bull.
barracuda said:

but that is just my opinion, I could be wrong :)
perfect,,, every player is correct,, maybe rule out maniche cuz he isnt inform nw :)
Most of my players are from (Barca)so what !these players deserve to be in anybody's line up anyways.

...............Frank Rijkard................

hienze the manure player?

i dont think tht he tops zambro and a.cole .. but anyway ..
Soccer Band said:
A relation to Heinz?

Soccer Band said:

Cafu - Nesta - Carvalho - Zambrotta

Deco - Maniche - Vicente


Shevchenko - Adriano
Egyptian_Juventino said:
hienze the manure player?

i dont think tht he tops zambro and a.cole .. but anyway ..

Do we have to all choose the same players come on , be different make yours.it's all matter of opnion after all. :) :) :)
Egyptian_Juventino said:
perfect,,, every player is correct,, maybe rule out maniche cuz he isnt inform nw :)
That's because he's out with an injury.
---------------- Buffon ----------------
Cafu ----- Puyol ------ Terry ------ Cole
---------- Deco ------- Gerrard --------
Ronaldinho ---------------------- Henry
------- Adriano ------ Shevchenko -----
lauren---- sol---puyol----cole


Miguel, Carvalho, Terry, A. Cole
C.Ronaldo, Deco, Ronaldinho, Robben
Adriano, Henry

Manager: Mourinho
Cafu - Nesta - Samuel - Zambrotta
C.Ronaldo - Vieira - Nedved - Robben
Shevchenko - Henry

I know that everybody is thinking why did I put Kaka in the place of Ronaldinho. Yes I am a Milan Fan but that's not the reason. I really like R Gaucho he's the genius and technically he's miles ahead Kaka, but Kaka is more consistent and I really think he deserves this place cuz 2004 was his year.

I chose Shevchenko over Adriano cuz I think he is a more complete striker but it is very hard to say which tandem Sheva - Adriano or Adriano - Henry or mine would be the best, I think it's nearly the same.
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