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I know, the season is finished some time but maybe we can still each give our best team. There was no forum at the end of the season so i'm asking it now. Give the best team in your opinion of players that played in Belgium this season..

-------------- Aarst ---- Brogno ------------

Delen ------ Degryse ------- Thys ------ Sels

Dragutinovic - Van Buyten - Lembi - Laeremans

----------------- De Wilde ------------------

What do you think of it.

Aarst - Brogno is the best attack you can have. They score both very easily and were both topscorer of the league.

On midfield Delen en Sels are maybe a bit weird, but in my opinion they played a very good season although their club didn't. Both good players that run a lot, good crosses and great mentality.
Degryse was the best (attacking) midfielder we had. He has proven that he still is one of the best players that Belgium has. Thys is also a very good midfielder. Played a great season and should play in a team that plays UEFA cup.

Dragutinovic was simply amazing this season. He played great games with Gent and was one of their best players. Van Buyten en Lembi would be a great defence together. Both strong, good heading, fast,.. On the right another surprise from me :) : Laeremans. Very important player for Lierse and he is a lot underrated !

De Wilde : no comment. Just the best keeper their was this season.

p.s. I know there where a lot of players who should surely be mentioned in the team but i only have 11 places and when i have to choose between different players for the same spot i choose my personal favourite :)

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katana (maybe an odd choice but he's still the best)
de cock

leonardo (from gba for me the revelation)


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