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We're at it again; evaluating the team of the month, made by Tipsbladet :).

I think they're usually very good to do this, very unbiased. I also agree this time, as the team looks as follows;

Peter Skov Jensen - FC Midtjylland

Thomas Antonelius - F.C. København
Bo Svensson - F.C. København
Søren Skriver - FC Midtjylland
Magnus Svensson - Brøndby IF

Christian Poulsen - F.C. København
Thomas Frandsen - Viborg FF
Erik Mykland - F.C. København

Thomas Røll Larsen - F.C. København
Sibusiso Zuma - F.C. København
Thomas Lindrup - Brøndby IF

From what I hear Svensson's doing great on his new position, same with Lindrup. Thumbs up to Køhlert for seing this, and let me at the same time praise them for picking 6 FCK players :proud:. I especially think Bo Svensson should be drawn out for applause, as he's been tottaly amazing, surprising everyone who thought we'd start with Zivkovic, with me being in that group.

Frandsen has been amazing aswell, not only scoring quite a few goals, but also get a chance with the NT. Amazing for a player few knew not long ago :).
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