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This 18 year old argentine superstar who currently plays for River Plate is one of the two top targets for Joan Gaspart. He is valued at around $25 million. He has great speed, finishing, one on one ability. Sort of like that guy who used to play for us. What was his name again? Judas? I can't remember. Anyway, this kid is full of potential and will certainly be a star. I think this is a wise investment. The other top signing continues to be Overmars. I dont know why. I prefer De la Pena and Gerard to be signed before him. Also Zenden still may be on his way out despite the fact that Figo has left.
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I accepted Zenden would go to Lazio, but if he stays, I'm not complaining, 'cause I like him very much. But if he leaves and we get Overmars I won't get it...

Saviola would be a great buy! His star will outshine the star Judas once was....
Saviola has the ability to be the new world superstar. He would grace the Camp Nou and he is still young so he will only get better.
I've heard of Barca's interest for Saviola has been going on for more than a year now. I've seen him playing in highlight matches and he keeps scoring wonderful goals. But, you have to see him in few full matches to know his true capabilities.
I also think that the two other young Argentines, Riquelme and Aimar are also excellent prospects because I saw them playing in the Youth World Cup 1997 in Malaysia where Riquelme was the Argentina's captain and they won the cup. I feel any of these three players are great, hopefully we can try for any of these if not for all three......;)
Because it's not wise to take 3 extra non-EU players into your squad.
I think that 4 are allowed to play in a Spanish game, but apparently by 2 seasons this figure will be just 2.
We aready have Rivaldo in the 1st team squad, so perhaps we should only buy 2 more max.
Also Aimar and Riquelme seem to play in the same position.
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