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To all Zvezda fans, it seems the young defender from Vojvodina Jovan Tanasijevic, who is also a regular in the young national teams starting line-up, is moving to Zvezda...!!!!!
Now this is fantastic news, at least for Delije, Jovan is coming to most likely replace Bunjevcevic who I think is leaving at the end of the season..He maybe isn't as good as Bunjevcevic now, but he is younger and I think has more potential.
Anyway, if this works out, practically almost the whole young national team is going to be in Zvezda.....They also want to buy Milan Delic or Belic, also a young player, who is as I hear a very talented striker....But Jovan is the only certain one at the moment...

It's like a dream come true... :) :) :) :)
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