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This would be so cool,
OK this is it,
Go to www.NIKEFOOTBALL.com,
then go to Nike live.
Totti 's supposed to be on May 18th at 16:30 UK time ,I live in Canada whats the diffence in time???Anybody help me out!!!
London Bhoy maybe you know bro!!!
Anyway,if you guys do go on,and get to ask a question use your names you use here so after they release a transcript and we'll be able to check it out.
Anyway if you could ask him one question,
what would it be??

Here's the transcript:
Transcript - AS Roma striker- Francesco Totti
uk_host: he is here
uk_host: ladies and gents
francesco_totti_live: welcome to everyone who will
francesco_totti_live: join in the chat line!

hollita5 asks: how old were you when you started playing soccer?
francesco_totti_live: i started playing
francesco_totti_live: at the age of 5
francesco_totti_live: and the first team i played for
francesco_totti_live: was fortitudo
francesco_totti_live: a small specialist team in
francesco_totti_live: his neighborhood

skankpantyface asks: who was your favoruite player when you were growing up?
francesco_totti_live: my favrouite player
francesco_totti_live: was giuseppe gianni
francesco_totti_live: who was the captain of AS Roma
francesco_totti_live: the team i play for now

tigerlily_uk_2000_uk asks: who would you like to partner you in Euro 2000?
francesco_totti_live: the ideal situation
francesco_totti_live: would be to have all the 3 players
francesco_totti_live: from Roma

pox_22_2000 asks: Would you like to play in England?
francesco_totti_live: mmmmm.....
francesco_totti_live: its a possibility
francesco_totti_live: but i haven't really thought about it
francesco_totti_live: i'm happy to stay in italy
francesco_totti_live: if i had to choose
francesco_totti_live: i'd be more attracted by the Spanish league

gareth_bellamy asks: where are you from? Do you like living in Rome?
francesco_totti_live: i was born in Rome
francesco_totti_live: and i'm as happy as i can be to
francesco_totti_live: be living in my home town

frankiesagirlyea asks: What players have been the most inspiration to you and your style of playing?
francesco_totti_live: mancini has been one of my idols

kardon2000 asks: Do you think there are too many foreign players in Serie A?
francesco_totti_live: at the moment
francesco_totti_live: there are many players
francesco_totti_live: and it would probably be better
francesco_totti_live: if the clubs could dedicate more time
francesco_totti_live: to the youth teams

cadamarteri21 asks: What was the most goals you scored in one season at junior level
francesco_totti_live: the most goals i've scored
francesco_totti_live: in one season
francesco_totti_live: was approximately 40
francesco_totti_live: when i was playing for a team here
francesco_totti_live: called Lodigiani

arijitdarren asks: who do u think is the best footballer in the world right now?
francesco_totti_live: Rivaldo from Barcelona
francesco_totti_live: because he has demonstrated during
francesco_totti_live: this season that he is the best player

skankpantyface asks: Apart from Roma, who is your favourite european football team?
francesco_totti_live: there are 3 or 4
francesco_totti_live: 2 of the best would be Milan
francesco_totti_live: and Barcelona

radiohamm_99 asks: who do you favour in euro 2000 (no bias please )
francesco_totti_live: at the moment i think Spain
francesco_totti_live: is one of the candidates

sprite_36870 asks: TOTTIS ARE YOU MARRIED
francesco_totti_live: no, i'm not married,
francesco_totti_live: but i'm engaged!
francesco_totti_live: i like girls with dark hair and dark skin

uniyumi asks: who is totti 's best friend in Roma?
francesco_totti_live: Candela is my best friend

totti_is_a_babe asks: I went to see you play Newcastle United at St. James Park in December last year and I thought you were outstanding. Have you considered playing in the English Premiership?
francesco_totti_live: i have thought in some moments
francesco_totti_live: of leaving the team
francesco_totti_live: but i haven't thought about
francesco_totti_live: going to play in the Premiership

afagh_33 asks: what is your idea about"Dino Zoff"?
francesco_totti_live: he's a good coach
francesco_totti_live: and a very nice person
francesco_totti_live: so i'm very happy at the moment
francesco_totti_live: at this moment
francesco_totti_live: i can not say
francesco_totti_live: because you cannot predict the future

pox_22_2000 asks: What do you think are Italys chances in Euro 2000?
francesco_totti_live: we have a good chance of winning
francesco_totti_live: but we need to stay very tight together
francesco_totti_live: and be very focussed

shoozie_2000 asks: I am an American-Italian from the US who will be studying in Urbino, Italy over the summer and will also be traveling to Rome, do you have any suggests of places to visit?

francesco_totti_live: but the Coliseum is definitely something
francesco_totti_live: you should check out

lee_2000_uk1 asks: Did it hurt to see Lazio win Serie A?
francesco_totti_live: in a way yes
francesco_totti_live: but as a professional player
francesco_totti_live: i think it was the right final decision

kevintawau asks: who do u think should be italy's first choice goalie? buffon or told or someone else?
francesco_totti_live: its very hard to tell
francesco_totti_live: because all 3 goalkeepers
francesco_totti_live: are very good
francesco_totti_live: and its a hard choice for the coach to make

francesco_totti_live: and i'm happy i don't have to make it myself

tigerlily_uk_2000_uk asks: are you a fan of Ferrari?
francesco_totti_live: yes, i'm a fan!

Specter_Metin asks: What do you think abot Galatasaray?
francesco_totti_live: i didn't have a chance to see the game
francesco_totti_live: so i can't really express a point of view on this

just_0_peter_schmeichel asks: what do u always do after matches????
francesco_totti_live: i try to relax
francesco_totti_live: as much as possible
francesco_totti_live: and try to go home
francesco_totti_live: and stay with my friends
francesco_totti_live: and my girlfriend
francesco_totti_live: most of these rumours are not true
francesco_totti_live: and i'm happily engaged!

tottifan asks: hi totti,is it true you don`t get on with nakata?
francesco_totti_live: its not true!
francesco_totti_live: and to be honest
francesco_totti_live: he's a very nice guy to be with

tottifan asks: what is your favourite playstation game?
francesco_totti_live: the last football/soccer game

tom_b1976 asks: why do you think roma fell away so badly in the league?
francesco_totti_live: after the game that they lost in Turino
francesco_totti_live: we have had some mental problems
francesco_totti_live: and that was a very hard defeat
francesco_totti_live: to understand
francesco_totti_live: and that was the key moment of the year
francesco_totti_live: and things turned from then on

just_0_peter_schmeichel asks: do you have any borther,and they are play football too????
francesco_totti_live: i have an older brother
francesco_totti_live: who is 30 years old
francesco_totti_live: who is now married with a family
francesco_totti_live: and he used to play football
francesco_totti_live: but now he has stopped

tom_b1976 asks: who is the hardest (as in kicks you) defender you've faced?
francesco_totti_live: ferrara from juventus

carolgenegoss_2000 asks: Do you like Rock and Roll when you relax -- or do you prefer classical music to unwind?
francesco_totti_live: classical music
francesco_totti_live: and also pop

smassis asks: where are you going to spend your vacation after eurocopa?
francesco_totti_live: i haven't decided yet
francesco_totti_live: i'm very concentrated on Euro 2000

ebiderman asks: do you like car racing?
francesco_totti_live: yes....i'm interested in car racing

halsybob asks: who is the best english player in your opinion?
francesco_totti_live: beckham
francesco_totti_live: from manchester united

tom_b1976 asks: how do you rate the english national team?
francesco_totti_live: if they continue playing
francesco_totti_live: as they have in the recent past
francesco_totti_live: they could easily
francesco_totti_live: go all the way

Kevin_19120_19120 asks: where are you talking from
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