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After getting the sack from Peterborough United at the end of the 2002/2003 season I was asked to manage newly promoted Conference side Bath City, I acpeted the challenge. The sqaud was very depleted after most had left/reited, a few new signings and this is how the team looks.

Bath City Football Club 2003/2004

The Keepers

Paul Furlong - Was first chioce but is now reserve only and shall be sold.

Angél Esteban - A young Spainish keeper will be second chioce.

Owen Kennedy - Only 16 years old but will be first chioce this season.

The Defence

Rob Burgess - Joined from Aldershot on a free transfer
Matt Knight - Signed from Rhyl in the summer

David Lambert - I signed David from Shewsbury as he is the only winger we have.

Scott Forrester - Long serving player of the team and at the heart of the defence.

Neil Gordon - I signed young Neil because he has a great tackle and can play a fairly good pass.

Graham Gould - Is playing his last season but has been plauged by injuries.

Stephen Moore - Was released from Arsenal but will be very strong in the air.

The Midfield

Lewis Gowan - Another young player but is a defensive minded midfielder which is what I wanted.

Richard Skinner - Hard working and score 10 goals in Bath's promotion.

George Marsh - Same as Richard hard working and score 10 goals in Bath's promotion.

Mark Miller - Released from Preston and I have to fight 12 other clubs for his signing, Mark is a fromer N.Ireland international.

Steven Lennon - The clubs record transfer fee of 70k, I had to twist the chairmans arm abit to get him but I think he is well worth it.

The Attack

Joesph Essa - I signed Joe as he was looking for a new club and was the only striker with a real presence and a good eye for goal, I expect great things from him.

Gavin West - Long serving player but will be loaned out.

Massimo Gennari - The young Italian was playing at Bath University when spotted by my scouts as signed a part time contract.

Tommy McDoanld - Released from Sunderland and has signed a month-to-month contract to see if he be any use to me.

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 Bath City - Wednesday 9th July 2003

 2003/4 Fixtures

Date      Opposition                 Ven  Competition                     Res    Attend  Scorers
23.7.03   Tidaholms GoIF        SWE   A   Friendly                        ---    -----   
25.7.03   Ystads IF             SWE   A   Friendly                        ---    -----   
27.7.03   Väsby                 SWE   A   Friendly                        ---    -----   
31.7.03   IFK Luleå             SWE   A   Friendly                        ---    -----   
16.8.03   Farnborough                 A   Conference                      ---    -----   
19.8.03   Barnet                      H   Conference                      ---    -----   
23.8.03   Northwich Vics              A   Conference                      ---    -----   
27.8.03   Chester                     H   Conference                      ---    -----   
30.8.03   Telford                     A   Conference                      ---    -----   
1.9.03    Gateshead                   A   Conference                      ---    -----   
6.9.03    Yeovil                      H   Conference                      ---    -----   
9.9.03    Nuneaton Borough            H   Conference                      ---    -----   
13.9.03   Slough                      H   Conference                      ---    -----   
20.9.03   Blyth Spartans              A   Conference                      ---    -----   
23.9.03   Margate                     H   Conference                      ---    -----   
27.9.03   Dag & Red                   A   Conference                      ---    -----   
4.10.03   Darlington                  H   Conference                      ---    -----   
11.10.03  Scarborough                 A   Conference                      ---    -----   
25.10.03  Stevenage                   H   Conference                      ---    -----   
8.11.03   Hereford                    A   Conference                      ---    -----   
15.11.03  Boston Utd                  H   Conference                      ---    -----   
29.11.03  Hitchin                     A   Conference                      ---    -----   
6.12.03   Stalybridge                 H   Conference                      ---    -----   
13.12.03  Southport                   A   Conference                      ---    -----   
20.12.03  Chester                     A   Conference                      ---    -----   
27.12.03  Farnborough                 H   Conference                      ---    -----   
30.12.03  Dover                       H   Conference                      ---    -----   
3.1.04    Northwich Vics              H   Conference                      ---    -----   
10.1.04   Nuneaton Borough            A   Conference                      ---    -----   
17.1.04   Telford                     H   Conference                      ---    -----   
24.1.04   Barnet                      A   Conference                      ---    -----   
31.1.04   Yeovil                      A   Conference                      ---    -----   
7.2.04    Gateshead                   H   Conference                      ---    -----   
14.2.04   Margate                     A   Conference                      ---    -----   
21.2.04   Blyth Spartans              H   Conference                      ---    -----   
28.2.04   Slough                      A   Conference                      ---    -----   
6.3.04    Scarborough                 H   Conference                      ---    -----   
9.3.04    Darlington                  A   Conference                      ---    -----   
13.3.04   Hitchin                     H   Conference                      ---    -----   
20.3.04   Stevenage                   A   Conference                      ---    -----   
27.3.04   Dag & Red                   H   Conference                      ---    -----   
3.4.04    Boston Utd                  A   Conference                      ---    -----   
5.4.04    Hereford                    H   Conference                      ---    -----   
10.4.04   Stalybridge                 A   Conference                      ---    -----   
24.4.04   Southport                   H   Conference                      ---    -----   
1.5.04    Dover                       A   Conference                      ---    -----
There's a few local derby games here, Yeovil (Will enjoy that), Slough and abit further are Telford, Hereford and Chester.

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As I say it's further apart, and they are the only conference sides nearest to me, Colchester Vs Cambridge is a local derby but is miles from each other....:(

Before my friendly with Tidaholms GoIF I am trying to bring in a another midifelder and striker in on loan :)

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Tidaholms GoIF Vs Bath City at Ulvesborg Tidaholm
I under estimated Tidaholms GoIF and put out a vey weak line up and it showed in the first 10 minutes, I change tactics abit and things picked up. Tidaholms GoIF scored first when Denielsson headed in a corner, we made things level in the 30th minute when Lennon let fly with a long range volley. Just before the break Lambert manage to cross and Joey Essa beat the goal to the catch and headed home.

Tidaholms GoIF 1 - 2 Bath City
Danielsson (25) / Lennon (30), Essa (45)

Attendance - 730
Man Of The Match - Roland Melqivst (Tidaholms GoIF)

Ystads IF Vs Bath City at Ystads IP, Ystad
I played a strong line-up for this match and played a defensive stance as Ystads strikers was very good. Massimo Gennari scored first in the 27th minute when Gordon's pass found him and Gennari side footed the ball into the net from the edge of the box. Joey Essa finished Ystads off when his headed was saved and he volleyed home the rebound.

Ystads IF 0 - 2 Bath City
Gennari (27), Essa (76)

Attendance - 760
Man Of the Match - Massimo Gennari

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Väsby Vs Bath City at Vilundanvallen, Stockholm
Played a reserve type line up with lots of youth in the team and I paid the price as a quick counter attack by Vasby in the 11th minute and they scored when Stark cross shot flew in. Joey Essa come closest for us when his header was cleared of the line.

Vasby 1 - 0 Bath City
Stark (11)

Attendance - 745
Man Of the Match - Alan Nicholls (Bath City)

IFK Lulea Vs Bath City at Skogsvallen, Lulea
This was the last friendly match before the season kick-off so full first team line up. New signing Hervé Blondeau from Scarborough started on the left of midfield, a Labert freekick in the 30th minute and tall Blondeau head in and was please with his goal. A few subs on later and Tommy McDonald was set up by new man Blondeau and McDonald finished in style on 56, Kennedy fouled Aberg of Lulea and gave them a Penalty in the 64th minute, he scored. 88th minute sub Gennari finished Lulea off with a superb solo run and rounded the keeper and scored.

IFK Lulea 1 - 3 Bath City
Aberg (64) / Blondeau (30), McDonald (56), Gennari (90)

Attendance - 549
Man Of the Match - Hervé Blondeau (Bath City) :happy:

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6.8.03   Farnborough                 A   Conference                      3:3    1555    Möller, Gennari, Blondeau
19.8.03   Barnet                      H   Conference                      2:2    1608    Essa 2
23.8.03   Northwich Vics              A   Conference                      1:2    1271    Nicholson
27.8.03   Chester                     H   Conference                      2:1    1518    Marsh, Essa
30.8.03   Telford                     A   Conference                      1:3    1440    Essa
1.9.03    Gateshead                   A   Conference                      2:0    1639    Essa, Gennari
6.9.03    Yeovil                      H   Conference                      1:1    1845    Essa
9.9.03    Nuneaton Borough            H   Conference                      2:0    2108    Bone, Gennari
13.9.03   Slough                      H   Conference                      4:1    1657    Søndergaard 2, Lennon 2
20.9.03   Blyth Spartans              A   Conference                      3:1    1946    Essa, Bone, Millar
23.9.03   Margate                     H   Conference                      1:1    3560    Möller
27.9.03   Dag & Red                   A   Conference                      2:0    1255    Essa, Lennon
My first match away at Farnborough was a good result we come back from 3-0 down, my second match against Barnet was the same had to come from 2-0 behind to draw 2-2. Essa was scoring a few with goals against Chester, Telford, Gateshead and Yeovil. I signed a new winger Søndergaard and Bone come back from injury and was making a great partnership in midfield and it showed in the Slough game we bashed em 4-1! :happy: My last result was against Dag & Red on live TV :eek: and we won and went second in the league, but when the other games played we move down to 5th :eek:

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Happened to me yesterday... :D Well, actually it was busyness...

Anyway, they look like good results so far. :)
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