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Our main problem in real madrid is our Central Defenders. Hierro is old , Pavon is young .Karanka is not good enough for us and so is Campo .i heard that some of u are suggesting that Heleguera is our solution .in my opinion he is one of the greatest Defensive mid in the world ,but to play him as a our last defender it will be no good for him as happened in Sociedad match. The penalty was his fault and the second goal came after nice dribbling show from khokhlov :stress:. You can also have to remember Osasuna match when he were the last defender and got a red card :stress:.

So that ,we have only Hierro who is old and also young and inexperience pavon .We have also Ruben (Real Madrid B) who is playing for under 21 national team. This guy really impresses me a lot when I saw him in our match against Panathanikos ,he had played a great game against their stars with his intelligence ,speed and also good heading ability. I was surprised that we had not give him the chance to play with all this weakness we have in our back line.

So we have now three players ,we should buy 2 very good defenders by forgetting our big names(who has global image) transfer policy which costs us the Liga this year .Players like Lucio ,who is doing a great job with Bayer Leverkusen in Champions League and also Bundeslega .i would love to see him in our shirt next season. Another very good player and also cheaper is Coloccini from Alaves (he is on loan from Ac Milan) he has shown a great defensive abilities this season with alaves and also scoring goals ability . I am not sure of the number of goals he scored ,but I am sure it is more than ten and it is very good as a defender .another Defender is Chivu from Ajax .He is young ,fast and can play either as central or left defender. He is really good and cheaper than Nesta. There is also Hofland, who as I heard a good defender. This is my shortlist of a very good players who will definitely will be big stars coz Real Madrid is not only buying stars club.Real Madrid is a factory that made stars like Raul, Hierro, Seedorf, Roberto Carlos, Morientis , Savio, Solari ...etc. all teams are buying cheaper and very talented players why we don’t? .What do u think guys .Plz answer me and and also give ur suggestion about our back line and ur suggestion about our new signings. Plz give me some comments here.
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