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Tacchinardi Never Wants To leave Juve

Tacchinardi enjoying life in Turin (Allsport)
01/21/2002. Juventus midfielder Alessio Tacchinardi has stated that the only way he will ever leave the club is if they forced him out.

The 26-year-old is a first-team regular and a player whom coach Marcello Lippi greatly relies on.

"I like it here," he told Juve's official site. "The club is close to me. So I would leave only when they decide they don't want me any longer. I don't think there are other clubs that would make me feel in the same way."

He also spoke about the title race and stated that the team he fears most are Inter.

"The real league starts now. 15 games are left, and there is little room for error. I'm most worried about Inter, since they don't play in the Champions League and have Christian Vieri. But it's important that we're back in the thick of things," he added.
Ok looks like we'll have to pay a lot of $$$ if we want to get rid of him !!! :fero: :D :tongue: Just joking !
I'm glad we have him in Turin ! We are pissed of at him for our poor start of the season (sometimes it's justified) but we all know how well ha can play and in central midfield he's a real control tower and he can score too... And Nedved's improvement went on a par with Tacchinardi's ! I say the best of him is yet to come !

Forza Alessio ! :)

PS - Another good point to his credit: he is Del Piero's best friend at Juve.
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