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Taça R4: SPORTING 1-1 FC Porto; Alvalade, 09.11.2008

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Good ol'Taça is back with a bang!

The back-to-back :D Cup holders host a troubled Porto on what can be another classic clash. It's the third time we face the evildoers this season. We beat them 2-0 in Leiria to win the SuperCup and more recently we lost 1-2 at home for the League.

Paulo Bento usually does well against Jesualdo and spirits are high in Alvalade after our great European achievement of this week. I have a good feeling about this one but you never know with this lot.

Here's the list of players called by PB:

Rui Patrício and Tiago.

Abel, Pedro Silva, Daniel Carriço, Marco Caneira, Anderson Polga, Ronny and Leandro Grimi.

Miguel Veloso, Fábio Rochemback, Marat Izmailov, Bruno Pereirinha, João Moutinho and Leandro "El Pipi" Romagnoli.

Yannick Djaló, Rodrigo Tiuí, Hélder Postiga and Liedson.

We're missing Tonel (injured) and Derlei (suspended) but comparing with the league game where we faced FêCêPÊ, we have two very important players now available that were absent back then: Caneira and Izmailov.
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i'll be rooting against u both:D
i'll be rooting against u both:D
Come on Ana, I know that between these two your coração alfacinha beats in slight tones of green. :shades:
Come on Ana, I know that between these two your coração alfacinha beats in slight tones of green. :shades:

how on earth did u guess i'm wearing a green pijama ?!:D
how on earth did u guess i'm wearing a green pijama ?!:D
because sometimes, you can be transparent. :smileani:
Paulo Bento surprises by not starting with the same line-up that kicked off against Shakhtar on Tuesday:

Rui Patrício
Abel - Caneira - Polga - Miguel Veloso
João Moutinho - Izmailov
Liedson - Hélder Postiga
Sporting is playing great but we should score now.
miguel veloso was close

Half an hour of a footballing lesson crowned with a smart ass goal by the one and only! :happy:
its a massacre:D

pedro emanuel looked terrible on that goal, dont know why the journalists are blaming it on bruno alves :googly:
Sporting 1-0 Porto HT

It's been a long time since I've seen Sporting being so dominant of an opponent in a classic. It's really a shame that we did not manage to capitalise the total domination we've had over Porto in this first half, but we're not playing against any second class team.

I can't think of any Sporting player that did not play really well during these first 45'. The CBs and Veloso have been superb, Izmailov and Romagnoli were also great and Postiga and Liedson broke kidneys all along this first half.

I find it difficult to believe that we'll be able to keep this rhythm for the whole game, and knowing PB I don't think that is really what we will do in the second half, but if we manage to go on controlling the game as we've done so far, I think we will really go on defending our title in this trophy.
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1-1 at 58'. Great solo effort by Hulk.
The ref spoils the game. Caneira gets an undeserved second yellow and it's more of the usual dish.
Pedro Silva comes in for Romagnoli. Veloso probably goes to CB and Silva will be LB.
Just like in Braga, Bruno Paixão is doing all his best to punish all our players with at least one yellow. Brilliant refereeing.
At 82' Yannick comes in for Postiga, right after a superb shot by Izmailov.
Pedro Emanuel gets a 2nd yellow after chopping Moutinho's legs and it's 10 vs 10.
Rolando clearly handball in the box. Penalty against Porto that the ref...failed to see. :rollani:
Sporting 1-1 Porto FT - Extra time is coming.

We've been robbed and it sucks when that happens, after such a great first half from our side.

Porto came back much better after the break and managed to balance things, even if Sporting still had a slight advantage during the first 15' of this second half. Then comes Bruno Paixão. Caneira gets tangled with Hulk and sees a yellow that remembers so much the same one that he got against this same team 3 years ago, also for the Cup.

During 15' and playing with one more player, Porto took control of the match but the stupidity of Jesualdo ended up helping us. Pedro Emanuel with a yellow, and being constantly exposed by the speed of Sporting forwards, continued on the pitch and ended up leaving with a second yellow.

With 10 against 10, it was again Sporting taking control of things and we could have finished this before extra time, but we didn't. Let's see who will have more legs and let's hope Paixão stops cocking up.
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