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Does anyone else think this is the most underated band in metal and music in general.

I know you could not get any less mainstream music but they have really taken the old, mostly done to death Neo Classical aproach and taken it forward with more heaviness of Metallica style guitar riffing.

The guitar player is really out of this world, some of his solos are :dazed:. Sometimes the solos and general keyboard (great keyboard player) - guitar solo interplay goes off tandem randomness sometimes but most of the time they really fit the songs. I have tried some of his sweep picks on my guitar and it is almost impossible to keep up with let alone play.

Anyone else a fan of this band? what are your favourite songs? mine are Out of Ashes, Sea of Lies, Of Sins and Shadows, Inferno, Incantations of the Apprentice and The Turning, Smoke and Mirrors and Dragons Den.
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