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BELGRADE, July 8 (Reuters)(DS) - Switzerland is blocking the transfer of 7.8 million Swiss francs ($4.8 million) earned by the Yugoslav Football Federation (FSJ) from Euro 2000, FSJ general secretary Branko Bulatovic said.
"The Swiss authorities are blocking our income from Euro
2000 until we prove that the FSJ is a fully independent and free sports organisation," Bulatovic was quoted as saying by the Beta news agency. He said UEFA had asked the Swiss authorities, wich control both its and FIFA's flow of funds, to establish if there were financial links between the FSJ and the Yugoslav authorities. "According to our statute, the FSJ is a fully independent sports organisation, and our statute is the proof which we will
provide," said Bulatovic, adding that he was optimistic that the money would be paid. In a bid to step up pressure on Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, the European Union tightened financial sanctions against Yugoslavia, only allowing trade with firms and other entities that could prove they could withhold revenues from the

Ahhhh... ain't it lovely how everyone hates the Yugoslav people because of uncle Slobo. I just knew the Yugo lovefest during Euro wouldn't last.
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