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From Sydsvenskan, I think yesterdays. I'm translating manually.

They begin with writing about this season and his 20 goals and his reputation of being a playboy and that stuff but according to close friends he is reserved and shy. For five years he hasn't dared go to the inner parts of Rome and has avoided interviews and the Italian press for months. He is also a Unicef ambassador and last year he donated more than 2.5 million Swedish crowns to children in Congo.

Are you on your way to the best season in your career?

- I have the ambition to improve myself each year, but I don't know if 2004 will be the best.

What have you developed?

- Experience helps me be more relaxed and concentrated during games. That is a prerequisite to perform at your best.

What are your expectations of Italy in Portugal and what are your own hopes?

- I am convinced Italy will be one of the major candidates for the title. We have many excellent players. My own hopes are that I can contribute to the team.

What do you think about the opposition - Sweden, Denmark and Bulgaria?

- All nations are tough opponents but none have Italys capacity to win the group.

Which Swedish players do you like?

I like Ljungberg and Larsson, two excellent players. They'd, without a doubt, do well in Serie A.

Which nations are your favourites to win the gold?

- Besdies Italy, I believe in France and Portugal.

What's the biggest disappointment, losing the final to France year 2000 or getting beaten by South Korea?

- I feel the most bitternes from the final. France' late equaliser and goal on overtime were the worst moments in my career.

What have you learnt from the latest championships?

- I always learn new things about football year after year.

Can you explain the Serie A mentality to defend a 1-0 lead rather than push up and decide the game with a 2-0?

- In Italy, the target is just to win. If you also play entertaining football, great, but if you don't win then you're in trouble. It doesn't matter if you play poorly and win. The tactics are very important in our football and the results even more so. But it's fun of course that in Roma this season we have been able to combine spectacular football with succesful results.

Is there any rivalry in the national team between the big teams biggest stars?

- It is only the fans that experience us as bitter rivals and enemies. I have many friends in the natonal team, Vieri and Del Piero to mention a few.

What do you think the future of national games and championships? Clubfootball is only getting bigger and more intensive, the leagues and Champions league more important. For Japan, many players were fatigued.

- It's others job, not mine, to decide the international competitions schedule. Personally, national football is always relevant. The responsible federations and associations must make sure the exchange continues. The Euro and World Cup are clear highlights of every players career, despite how tired you are when it begins.

What's the most important for you, Roma or Italy?

- Both are equally important. I don't prioritise one above the other.

Tell us of your work for Unicef

- I an a "goodwill ambassador" and that role is very important for me. I have always tried to help poor people. Now Unicef gives me the opportunity to target that support to children. To me it's obvious that I, as a fortunate person, must help those that have it difficult.

Why have you played all your career in Roma?

- I was born in Roma, the Romans are my people, I've always supported Roma and I have played for the club since I was ten years old. I am proud of being Roman, belong to Roma and be captain of it.

Is it possible to you that you will play for another team?

- If it would be necessary to leave Roma, Real Madrid would be my favourite choice.

Why are there so few Italians in other leagues in Europe?

- Because Serie A is one of the most important leagues in the world.

Do you have any possibility to live a normal life and walk around in town like normal people?

- Unfortunately that is impossible. I haven't been able to stroll around in Rome for five years. Two years ago I tried with a motorcycle helmet on my head but it only took five minutes before the fans discovered me.

You are often titled the King of Rome. What do you feel about it?

- Pride and responsibility.

What are your other interests beside football?

- It's football during my spare time too. During my spare time I work with children in my football school. The youth part is important. I myself had the privilege to debute in the league when I was sixteen.

(They listed the top scorers of Serie A and spelled Shevas name with Sjevtjenko. )

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This is why he is my idol.... a great on the pitich...but also of it as well..... his joke book about himself sold over i million copies and has made millions for Unicef.....Totti has it all...but he remembers those who don't have it all and that's what seperates him from other footballers.....humility and humbleness.... he does not think he is 'god'...even though to us and Roma fans...... he is

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The face to face interview was cancelled at the last minute and conducted through the internet. He maybe had help.
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