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Surprise surprise, Senegal wins!

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Senegal has beaten mighty France 1-0 on a 30th minute goal by Diop! Only goes to show that no matter how good you are, nobody is invincible.

The French were missing Zidane but you don't become World and European champs by relying solely on one player so full credit to Senegal for an historic win!
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Yeah a nice suprise. Questions must be asked about the French defence. I mean Lebouf?? Haven't they got anybody better? Anyway, without Zidane they looked terrible and lacking ideas, but as soon as he comes back they will be dangerous again.

Maybe we could have a world cup thread where we can talk about all the other games so new ones aren't always created or others getting side tracked.
Pffffffff....what a terrible game...France really sucked, I hope Croatia will do something next monday because it's not very easy to work after this kind of game.:depress:

Now I'am not sure that France will go through the second round...
Good job by Senegal shutting France down. Yes, without Zidane, the midfield was very ordinary. France was the better team, just not where it counts.

Anyone know the exact formation of the French team? I couldn't exacty say what Henry's position was. Was he a support stricker?
I just got home. Senegal played a superb game, but France was a little unlucky not to capitalise on Trezeguet's, then Henry's shots, which hit the woodwork.

The africans are physically strong and technically gifted, what was always lacking in their football was tactical preperation. Senegal had it here, they exactly how to beat the French, they forced France into long balls, they cut out many a passing move in the middle and hit France with pace, although never attacking with numbers. There was always a maximum of four players attacking Barthez's goal.

The player of the game? The Senegal goalie.

what the hell are you doing? I thought you'd be smarter than posting the result in the subject line :mad:

Some of us work and can't watch the game until later tonight, yet still want to come to this forum for OTHER news. EVERYONE..>NEXT TIME PLEASE DON'T POST THE RESULT IN THE SUBJECT LINE.

IVO...thanks for ruining the game for me :(
Sorry Bobane, the thought never crossed my mind, I'll be more careful next time;)
I thought Senegal would actually get one more by finally beating the offsides. I forgot the player's name, but he had 8 offsides himself. Ten for the whole team.
Senegal won this years African Nations Cup... so obviously they are a good team... france sucked with non-existing midfield... France's defence was looking like swiss cheese at times... especially when pacey young Senegalise attackers made runs, and old french defence couldnt catch them

I dont think France had one decent setup play in the whole game... sure they had chance, but mostly because Senagalise defence wasnt top quality either...

I really expected more from French... maybe this will wake them up
It's a wake up call for everybody, we're all so used to arguing about who's better on paper and sometimes we forget what the game is really like.

France's lack of competitive matches might have hurt them a bit. They never had to qualify to France98 as hosts and never had to qualify for this tournament as defending champs.

They played EURO2000 in between and won that so it prolly hasn't affected them that much, but it's 2 years since EURO and this was their first competitive match since then.

Sure they all play with their clubs but over 2 years as a team, when they played together it was only friendlies.

Either way, I still see them advancing at the least and prolly still winning the group but I think Uruguay will give them trouble.
spwolf said:
Senegal won this years African Nations Cup
Actually, Cameroon beat them in PK's in the championship.
Hajduk Chicago said:

Actually, Cameroon beat them in PK's in the championship.
ur right, still, shows how they are decent team
and it shows another thing! look out for Cameroon:eek: esspecialy with their weak group were the supposed favorites Ireland and Germany arent that favoured esspecialy Ireland after the Keane fiasco
seriously, Lebouef is a waste. he belongs in the english team not French... What's with the overcommitting? it was a lucky goal, but when you look at the match, Senegal deserved their victory. France played poorly. Vieira looked like he didnt want to be there, Wiltord seemed disinterested, Petit did nothing.

If i were Lemerre, I'd bring in Makelele for Petit. Flick Lebouef and bring in either Sagnol or Candela. Why play Wiltord on the right when he is a striker? man some coaches have no idea. Without Zidane this french team wont make it past the second round. With Zidane, they'll still probably win it.
placebo said:
seriously, Lebouef is a waste. he belongs in the english team not French...
Is he ever.. he always has and always will be.. but im not complaining.. as long as he doesnt play for us i dont mind ;)
I always thought that French team was seriously overrated.

They're packed with track athletes not footballers.

Only Desailly and Zidane are true footballers there.
This team accomplished much fine, but with Zidane orchestrating making everyone else better. Platini's boys would have chewed these guys up and spit them out.

This game still could have been won by France but full marks to Senegal.


And let's go you Irish!!!!!


:eek: :eek: :)
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Ljubuski,now you're talkin...
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