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This initiative has been taken by Costia, the webmaster of www.ronaldinho9.com !
I think it's a good way to show that we care about the person Ronaldo !

Hello everyone.
As you know Ronaldo was injured in his last game and the injury is very hard. We all saw how paintfull it was and how sad it was to see him laying there on the ground holding his knee. Thats why I decided to send a very special e-mail for Ronaldo to thank him for all the joy he bring to us (soccer fans around the world) and to show mine and our best support to him. Here you can read this e-mail that will be sended to Ronaldo next week and if you also wish to support him and to sign your name in this e-mail then just write me to my e-mail: [email protected] and in the e-mail write your name, your country name and your city name. I promise you that your name will be signed together with all the other fans names and when Ronaldo will read this e-mail he will see your name also and he'll know how much we all support him.

Here is the e-mail that will be sended:
Dear Ronaldo, My name is Costia Guller and I live in Israel. I'm 19 years old and since 1995 I am one of your biggest fans. The first time I saw you was when you were only 17 years old. Since then you have been bringing me, and many other people, an enormous amount of joy. You have always made us happy when we saw you playing, except one time - and this was in your last game against Lazio. When you entered the game it was a very special moment for me and for everyone else watching, but six minutes later we just stood frozen in front of our TV screens and couldn't stop our tears from flowing. It was a very painful sight to see you laying there holding your knee, your face filled with pain. We all felt your pain with you. Now that you have successfully finished the surgery it will be long time before you will come back to the field, but we are asking you to be strong like you always are. We know it is not easy to do it, but we want you to know that you will be always supported by us. We will never leave you alone Ronaldo, after such a happy moment you brought to us in the past years we want to help you and to give you something back. We will pray for your health Ronaldo, some of us will pray in Italy, some of us in Brazil, some of in Israel, but each one of us will pray only for one thing - and this is for your health. We want to help you and to have more happy moments together with you and for this reason we will do anything and we will wait in patience for you to recover once again, and even if it is going to be only next year it is definitely worth it to wait and to pray for you. You will always have a part in our hearts for everything you made for us and for all the joy you bring to us. From the bottom of our hearts we want to wish you all the best and to be healthy once again, enjoying time with your family, playing soccer and enjoying life as you used to do before these hard moments. We will never forget you and we will always support you. Be strong and get well soon.

Again I'm telling you - if you wish to sign your name in this e-mail then just write me to my e-mail: [email protected] and in the e-mail write your name, your country name and your city name.

FORZALAZIO and Ronaldo !!

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