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Support For A Fading Hero

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He had so many problems with fans this season
He also didn't show his best play this season
He also couldn't help Lazio get to CL

But he was (and still is) one of my heroes!!! As a Lazio fans I couldn't forget how he kiscked those free kicks.
I still remember his first year in 1998, Laizo almost went for the scudetto, in which he did spectacular 8 goals.

Many people believe (and support) him wil go somewhere but Lazio. I don't know if these people are truly Lazio fans.

Problem is a problem. No thing can't be resolved. Evrything has solution. But I'm sure his leaving from Laizo is not the solution.

I just don't wanna see we lost another 2000 heroes so soon.
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I still can't forget his free kick agaisnt Chelsea. That moment was unforgettable. :proud:

Thank you Miha, especially for those incredible free kicks. :star::star::star:
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