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O.k this is what I cannot understand, when a portuguese club starts doing badly straight away the fans start insulting the players and booing them and if that doesnt work the lencos brancos come out.
The most recent example is yesterday when at the end of the game the players were insulted and during the game the players were booed but this problem does not just extend at benfica I remember a couple monts back when porto beat belenenses 2-1 at home and when they were 2-1 up they were still getting booed. The worst examples I can think of this behaviour was when benfica lost 7-0 in vigo but the most ludicrous one is when benfica lost 1-0 at home to romania and the lencos brancos were waved and when the club is losing the supporters stop going.
This is just stupid and they should give the club support at hard times and not just as good why should they even be supporters if they only go when the team are winning.
Finally I do agree with booing the team when they are doing really really badly and booing after the game and they have suffered like 4 or 5 defeats on the trot but to boo when you are winning or only losing by a goal I think is not on. And to wave the lencos brancos at coelho when it was only his 3rd game is just stupid these guys have to be given a chance.

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Most Portuguese Futebol fans are "fairweather" fans...Yesterday I was watching a replay of Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland and the stadium was practically packed to see this game...why can't we get that kind of support at home? I know that tickets are expensive and TV has damaged the turn out, but we just don't have the pride for our teams that we used...just my opinion!

Viva o Benfica!
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