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SuperLig Week 14: Denizlispor - Fenerbahçe

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No Semih :(
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what was the point of that hahahaha
thats me smacking piyar arzuman
:howler: I love that video, almost smacked his skull off his body. Denizli will probably go up 2-0 to lose 3-2 at the end and Ümit Kayıhan will start crying like a little girl again. They're dealing with some major injuries losing 2 starting CB's and then on top of it Braga was red carded vs us so they are hurting real bad. To be honest I expect the first thrashing of the season of a Superlig team this year.
Somehow fenerbahçe will probably still manage to show that the title lost at Denizli didn't seem to hurt anyone, and draw 0-0/
Somehow fenerbahçe will probably still manage to show that the title lost at Denizli didn't seem to hurt anyone, and draw 0-0/
And it's right before a very important Champions League game as well... so it probably means not much effort to win the game. :neutral:
I dont think it will be destruction, as these Anatolian team play good at home but im expecting a win....Disappointed about Semih's operation though, hopefully Guiza will hit form when we need him to :thumbsup:
I just noticed this game is on Friday...
yea friday game this week. Will be tough, but should get 3 points
haven't lost in what, like 8 games now? lets keep it that way, should get3 points.

btw, when is Semih back?
He definitely can't play this year, so after the winter break I guess.
Guiza will make a hattrick.

on your signature thing, just to correct you.
his name is not cevad, its xhevat.if you want to translate it in turkish its cevat not cevad. just like the albanian player that plays for hacettepe, xhevahir(cevahir).

Vederson - Alex - Kazım
Josico - Selçuk
Carlos - Edu - Lugano - Gökhan

Ugur is injured which is why Vederson is playing.
game is at 1EST kosova
What does Aragones think about Deivid that we just don't get?

He seems like the exact player that needs to play ever minute he's healthy: He's energetic, cares about the team, and can create chances.

Kazim only does one of those things (the last one) and only from time to time when he feels up to it...

I guess for tonight it was a question of Josico or Deivid. And since Emre never is healthy, guess that keeps Deivid on the bench :(
Ok, I get that Denizlispor are the 'roosters', but that Rooster sound effect is starting to drive me crazy....especially played on top of Turkish dance music :howler:
We're struggling to create chances. This definitely ranks high in the 'most boring games' list.
Those last 2-3 minutes were scary. Massive save by Volkan!

I'm amazed by how many times in Turkish football the referee is rushed upon by players with a gripe at the halftime whistle, or the end of a match. It always creates such a feeling of contreversy...
And I wonder if ever in the history of football a referee has ever agreed and restarted play to "fix" the problem :howler:
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