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Schedina totocalcio di domenica 5 Maggio 2002

L’Inter dovrebbe farcela anche se la Lazio potrebbe strapparle un pari. Disco verde per Juventus e Milan. Rischia la Roma a Torino. Favorito il Piacenza contro il Verona. In B incertezza a Reggio mentre la Samp dovrebbe tornare alla vittoria. In C1 prevale l’incertezza con difficolta’ per il Catania ad Avellino.

1) Brescia-Bologna 1X
Il Brescia, nonostante la sconfitta di Torino, rimane in un trend ascendente e quindi ha segnali complessivamente positivi. Il Bologna al contrario, nonostante la vittoria sulla Lazio, mostra ancora residui di indicazioni negative. Pertanto escludo la vittoria in trasferta.

2) Chievo-Atalanta 1X2
Incertezza a Verona. Il Chievo e’ in trend discendente ma anche l’Atalanta accusa importanti segnali contrari. Do preferenza al pari con leggera chance di vittoria ai locali.

3) Lazio-Inter X2
La Lazio ha interrotto il trend positivo a Bologna ed ora ha segnali negativi. L’Inter mostra segnali neutri e quindi potrebbe espugnare l’Olimpico. Non escludo pero’ il pari.

4) Milan-Lecce 1
Il Milan ha positive indicazioni per conquistare la Champions League. Segnali neutro-negativi per il Lecce.

5) Parma-Venezia 1
Il Parma e’ in vista di alcune resistenze. Il Venezia, dopo il previsto risultato utile contro il Torino, mostra ora indicazioni contrarie. Fiducia agli emiliani.

6) Perugia-Fiorentina 1X
Il Perugia, perdendo a Bergamo, ha iniziato un trend negativo e quindi questo incontro potrebbe presentare qualche difficolta’. E’ favorito ma non escludo il pari.

7) Piacenza-Verona 1X
Il Piacenza, dopo due sconfitte consecutive, e’ approdato sui supporti e quindi ha indicazioni per un risultato positivo. Il Verona inceve ha ancora spazi in discesa e quindi e’ il Piacenza il favorito di questo incontro.

8) Torino-Roma 12
Il Torino e’ in fase calante ma anche la Roma ha importanti resistenze in vista. Escludo il pari (il Toro pareggia da 4 turni) ma assegno maggiori chance di vittoria ai granata.

9) Udinese-Juventus 2
La Juve dovrebbe concludere con una vittoria il suo campionato. L’Udiense ha segnali negativi.

10) Reggina-Siena 1X2
La Reggina mostra (molto) timidi segnali di ripresa mentre il Siena e’ sempre piu’ incanalato in una serie negativa. Partita da tripla.

11) Sampdoria-Messina 1
Per la Samp e’ ora di tornare alla vittoria. Infatti puo’ sfruttare il trend negativo del Messina che segnala un alta probabilita’ di sconfitta.

12) Avellino-Catania 1X
Partita incerta in cui pero’ vedo difficile una vittoria esterna. Il Catania ha alcuni indicatori malmessi

13) Reggiana-Pisa 1X2
Incertezza a Reggio. Entrambe le squadre hanno indicazioni positive. Preferenza al pari con maggiori chance di vittoria per il Pisa.

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Re: Re: superEva's predictions for the final games of the season

Want a bet on Serie A matches? Then Bruno Casciato is the man to follow. Every week he’ll be here to give out his latest informed predictions exclusively to Football Italia followers


Week 34
It has been a long hard grinding season with plenty of puzzling form failing to explain some of the results and this weekend doesn’t inspire much confidence for a bet.

The reluctance of bookmakers to price up supposedly one-sided games means we’ve seen less competition, inferior prices and higher margins restricting the prospects for profitable punting. If you don’t consider there to be any value on offer you don’t have to bet. It’s no fun being short-changed.


Home Odds Draw odds Away Odds Prediction
7/4 Brescia 2/1 Bologna 6/4 Home win
6/4 Chievo 15/8 Atalanta 7/4 Draw
9/4 Lazio 11/4 Inter 4/5 Away win
1/5 Milan 9/2 Lecce 10/1 Home win
1/8 Parma 5/1 Venezia 12/1 Home win
4/7 Perugia 12/5 Fiorentina 11/2 Home win
11/8 Piacenza 21/10 Verona 2/1 Home win
3/1 Torino 5/2 Roma 8/13 Away win
11/4 Udinese 2/1 Juventus 10/11 Draw


Brescia to beat Bologna
It takes a leap of faith to believe Brescia can save their skin, but with Roberto Baggio in the starting line-up a 7/4 quote would begin to look attractive and there would be real prospects of the table positions going out of the window.

Brescia were totally eclipsed by Juventus last week in their 5-0 defeat. In truth Carlo Mazzone’s team never asserted themselves sufficiently to create enough significant chances and redeem themselves. Striker Luca Toni, not surprisingly was frequently isolated. And after Daniele Bonera’s red card, the defence just couldn’t cope with the onslaught. Add in Pep Guardiola’s absence through knee injury this week and the task looks daunting for any other side apart from one with the Divine Ponytail in it.

Bologna’s 2-0 win over Lazio was a better than expected performance with Beppe Signori playing one of his best matches of the season. But this will be tougher.

Chievo and Atalanta to draw
Chievo would need to be priced at 6/4 or bigger before being considered this week. No single Chievo player can be adjudged to have played anywhere near their best in the 5-0 drubbing by Roma last Sunday and this represents a test of character for Luigi Del Neri’s team.

The inevitable question is whether they’re motivated enough to raise their game and ram home the advantage over an Atalanta side who’ve under-performed on several occasions earlier in the season.

Had this match been played prior to Atalanta’s 2-1 win over Inter in the San Siro, the three points would have looked a formality for Chievo. But now Giovanni Vavassori’s side are more confident and look less nervous.

Inter to beat Lazio
On recent form Inter can wrap up the title at odds-on. A Lazio win would represent probably their best performance of the season but with Alberto Zaccheroni appearing to struggle to motivate key defender Alessandro Nesta, the Biancocelesti look rattled at the back and less daunting.

Milan to beat Lecce
A one sided betting affair likely to be swerved by bookmakers with Milan holding most of the aces but making little appeal at long odds-on.

The return to form, following the comeback from injury of captain Paolo Maldini, was enough to give Milan enough pep to come from behind against Verona last week.
Sadly up front Andriy Shevchenko continues out of form, isolated and depressed. La Gazzetta dello Sport even doubted whether a wagonload of Prozac would make a difference.

Parma to beat Venezia
This match will probably suffer the bookmakers swerve with Parma otherwise at long odds-on.

Parma showed plenty of anxiety in their 2-1 win over luckless Fiorentina last week and surely shouldn’t suffer too much stage fright at home to relegated Venezia. Reading between the lines there is no case for considering the underdogs.

But for Torino’s fluffed lines that included two missed penalties Venezia would have taken a hammering.

Perugia to beat Fiorentina
Another match on the growing bookmakers miss list with little prospect of a last day blip from Fiorentina. That’s not to say it wouldn’t be interesting to watch for future reference, particularly if the Viola’s reserve ‘keeper Mario Cassano played another blinder.

Piacenza to beat Verona
This is a tight call where Piacenza get the vote because Verona’s defence has been atrocious and showed no signs of coming out of the fog in Sunday’s defeat by Milan.

Central defender Paolo Cannavaro is playing like a ghost compared to his early season form and this has put added pressure on Marco Zanchi whose stamina has looked suspect. They look easy meat if Piacenza’s Dario Hubner is on song. But this isn’t expected to yield a value bet and is passed over.

Roma to beat Torino
Toro’s matches have been verboten for most bookmakers since the match-fixing allegations surrounding the 1-1 draw with Bologna and this is likely to go the same way.

Torino are playing worse than a shadow of themselves and nothing in their recent matches suggests they can contain Roma who looked rampant in their 5-0 win against Chievo. Coupled with a damning performance of incompetence from Marco Ferrante, who missed two penalties and three other shots on goal, Toro look finished for the season.

Roma striker Gabriel Batistuta’s goals have dried up for the time being but Vincenzo Montella is compensating adequately. Coupled with Emerson and Antonio Cassano making up for the absence of Francesco Totti and there is no reason to doubt Roma’s chance of winning.

Udinese and Juventus to draw
With Udinese ensuring safety last week (they have a better record against relegation rivals which sees them dodge any proposed play-off scenario) they have little to play for. Juventus on the other hand need the victory to keep their title aspirations alive.

Udinese really have no choice but to try to stifle Juve and while last week’s win at Lecce only represents marginal improvement on recent form it’s an indication that this isn’t a done deal for the Turin giants.

On a theoretical level had Brescia’s Daniele Bonera not been sent off last Sunday, it would be hard to argue that Juve would have won by five clear goals. Then the form of the two sides here would look much more evenly matched.

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