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Ofcourse especially after last night everybody have to know - probably one of the most unterated players in the world (even Michel Platini praised him! :D :D). 17 goals in 64 NT game including twice vs Netherlands, twice vs Serbia, twice vs Northern Ireland, once vs Slovenia, Turkey, Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Croatia etc etc
Took us almost along to Euro 2012 playoffs
Must me special thread for him even here.

James Stenderson Less than a minute ago
Who is this fantastic Konstantin Vassiljev??? Beautiful goals for Estonia. Get him to one of the big clubs ASAP!!!
Personal facts:
born 16 August 1984 in Tallinn
Since 2011 he plays in Amkar Perm
2000–2001 Tallinna Jalgpalliklubi II 29 (22)
2002 → HÜJK Emmaste (loan) 4 (0)
2002 Tallinna Jalgpalliklubi 25 (10)
2003–2007 Levadia 124 (50)
2007–2011 Nafta Lendava 102 (13)
2011 Koper 22 (3)
2011– Amkar Perm 49 (2)
National team‡
Estonia U19 4 (1)
Estonia U20 2 (0)
Estonia U21 15 (4)
2006– Estonia[1] 64 (17)

Has two daugheters, btw one of them borned just before Netherland game and probably got extra power for game, because after Poland game in last august he got in big crisis and goal drought for NT.

Voted citizen of the year in 2011, second sportman 2011 behind 2011 and twice Estonia football best player of the year
Already one of the best pitch players in our history

Some highlights:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrZSbd9Yzvw

And ofcourse best long shot taker in World ;)

Saddenly he can`t play vs Hungary

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After yesterday also all-time Estonia fifth goal scorer!

Andres Oper, 38
Indrek Zelinski, 27
Eduard Ellman-Eelma, 21
Richard Kuremaa, 19
Konstantin Vassiljev, 17
Arnold Pihlak, 16
Kristen Viikmäe, 15
Martin Reim, 14
Georg Siimenson, 14
Fridrich Karm ja Marko Kristal, 9


Martin Reim, 157
Marko Kristal, 143
Andres Oper, 133
Mart Poom, 120
Kristen Viikmäe, 115
Raio Piiroja, 112
Indrek Zelinski, 103
Enar Jääger, 97
Sergei Terehov, 94
Andrei Stepanov ja Joel Lindpere, 89

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During the past 3 years he has constantly played on world class level in Estonia shirt, scoring many wonderful solo goals and being the key factor in most of the great result we've had. :thmbup:

Of course he is not able to play like this on club level every week or else he'd be in a much better club than Amkar Perm by now...and the Slovenian fans weren't particularly impressed with him either after seeing him play for years in their league. But the way he is able to raise his game for the national team has been amazing indeed...I would already say he's the 2nd most important player in our national team's history after Mart Poom.

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Strange to see him performing for his club this time :D I see he's 29... too bad he couldn't have started a little earlier, though if he keeps it up, maybe there's still some hope he could find a better club. Amkar having a decent season though, fifth in the RPL.
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