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Sukur is not a bench player

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He's one of the best striker in the world and it hurts me too see you talking about him as if he was not good enough for Inter. Haven't you seen him play? Unlike Ronaldo and Vieri, Sukur is also a teamplayer. He gives assists and scores goals. He has excellent technique and physique.
At Euro 2000 he couldn't show much because of the lack of chances. But when given he'll most probably finish them. If he integrates well in the team i'm sure he'll be a key member of the squad. Ronaldo won't play at all next season(if he wants to recover fully) so Inter will play with Sukur. I'm a bit anxious about him performing well too, but he has the skills. He may be 29, but he still works like a horse. One of his best qualities, is his personality. He's quite a decent and caring human being.
He said he wouldn't leave GS if Inter payed them no release fee(because he was out of contract) and the Inter managers just loved to hear that, he told 'live' on television. For this he's my favourite player. he's not arrogant like most world star players are( i could give some examples there :))

and another thing. I thought recoba was a midfielder. Am i wrong? And which nationality has Biakolo. I'm curious about him.
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I agree with you Hagi; but Recoba (forward, sometimes attaking midfielder), Zamorano, Baggio, and sometimes even Vieri and Ronaldo are not bench players either and they still got benched last year by Lippi.
So it doesn't matter what we say, it is Lippi's decision of who to put in the starting line-up. We will see next season what happens.

I think Sukur will fit well in Inter because he is the kind of player Lippi likes (hard-working). I am sure he will get his chance to proove himself.

And Biakolo, I think, is French. He is a good prospect for Inter.
well i agree that sukur should not be benched but we are getting closer to salas everyday
recoba , zamarano and sukur will be benched if salas comes to the san siro
i wish to believe that salas will not come
he is OK but we really dont need him
and someone would have to go to bench
well it is not in our hands is it
he is getting closer as he refuses parma
Agreed, sdf. I'll never understand why big teams buy players they never intend on using. Inter and AC Milan do it all the time and it drives me nuts. I think Salas is great and you'd be lucky to get him. I don't know about Sukur. He's very talented but he was pitiful the last time he came to Serie A.
I would like to see more of Sukur because I only saw him at Euro2000 and he didn't do much there. I think he will get some playing time at Inter early on while Vieri and Ronaldo are injured but once they return he will be for sure on the bench. Inter payed big money for both of those players and they are both much better than Sukur. But I would like to see what Sukur is capable of and the early season will be the time for him to show it.
If I'm not mistaken, Turkey plays a defensive style where the striker (Sukur) was left alone up front. I don't think he had many opportunities passed forward. He should have much more to work with at Inter.
you're right daeone...he was left alone at Euro2000..
he has always been left alone in national team but he has always scored..he scored many goals while playing as 1 striker,with a good partner(s) he'll score much more...

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Its up to Lippi. But hopefully Salas will not come because we don't need any more South Americans for us to become more dependent on our South American contingent due to t he fact that they will probably leave Serie A early this season for the COpa America and also they have to play the W.C. qualifiers and Salas will also probably go to the Olympics.
I dont think u need salas and ý dont even think he is that good.

Sukur wýll definitely do vey good for you. AS many popl already stated Turkiye played a defensive style of footbll thanx to the dumbest coach on earth. he got 2 chances and scoed them.

Unlikely, galatasaray has always plaed an attacking fotball because of heir hardworking midefield and when sukur got his chances he always made them. He is the most hardworking player i have ever seen both in tarinþng and in th games. He repeats every sýngle tþe that this tþme it wont be like his torino adventre. adds also tat he is gonna be back very rong and show Ýtaly what a ngreat player he is. he sayd that he as proven himself to the whole world but ýtally ýs still doubtful of his skills sýnce he came back from torino.

which is very true. You wýll benefit a whole lot from him for a l:cool:ong time.
yes Hakan Sukur is very good....but when you have Vieri, Baggio, and Zamorano..the odd-man out is the Turkish scoring sensation :( add a healthy Ronaldo and Sukur is relegated to playing in Copa Italia games :(
Ronaldo wýll not come back. in fact he wil but he will be someone else never Ronaldo!! forget him!

i have always believed this and will always do since he moment i saw him getting injured that minute. H e will always be scared that smt will happen to that knee again and try to avoid tough one on ones. He will never get back the balance he used to have because hýs othe leg will always put more presure on the othe one. After all those operations, you have to be superman to recover perfectly. I ave seen few players who had the same problem and they never totaly recovered or got injured again and retired at an early age.

Hope he proves me wrong:cool:
Why does everyone here says Sukur didn't do much in Euro 2000?? Turkey went into Quarter Final in the most intense competition of the recent history but all you guys were saying Sukur did not do much?? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

if its not because of Sukur's effort against the co-host nation Belgium, Turkey could have gone HOME much EARLIER!! It is quite silly to say that Sukur was not showing good form in Euro 2000, from what i could see Turkey certainly deserved to reach Quarter final (they lost to runners up Italy, drew Sweden and 2 goals from Sukur sunk the co-host nation), Turkey was not a team to be proud of (bcos of the recent violent incident) but at least they have done better than ENGLAND :eek: which was a team of shame! :eek:

Sukur has the biggest influence in Turkey right now and i hope he can settle well in Inter, but there would be no guarenteed that he would get to start :(

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It will only be decided if Sukur is to be a rtation squad player or a starter after he strts training and playing and only then can he hsow what he is bringing to INTER.

I really don't expect him personally to fail but if he does i guess most people will not be surprised, but i would definately be surprised.
he was young and inexperienced when he came to Italy first time... He certainly didn't want to come Torino while some other big clubs including AC Milan wanted to buy him , he even signed a new contract with Galatasaray...but after that he forced to go Torino. In this situation it was very hard for such an emotional person to be succesful...

but this time he's a mature player and he wants to play at Inter...there's no reason for him not to be succesful and i believe he'll show his skills well and be a member of first11
well if inter get keane or salas he will be a bench player
I hope Sukur gets some starts because I really want to see him play. To say he was impressive at Euro2000 is false. He was invisible against Italy, did nothing against Sweden, his goals against Belgium weren't spectacular and against Portogalo he did hardly a thing. I have never seen a single Galatasary game with him playing where is is supposedly so great since I don't get Turkish league or UEFA cup coverage.
I would love to see all his greatness that the Turkish rave on about. If Salas goes to Inter(I hope he doesn't) then Sukur will be benched for sure.
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