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Sudamericana Cup (Forget the Year)

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Colo Colo was eliminated in the Libertadores, but their S American scapades continue on this Cup now. Early June with dates for their Matches !!!
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Pikachu los eliminó.
Asi no mas fue !!! ;)
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June 28, 2022 8:30 PM. Monumental de Colo Colo...

Colo Colo Vs Internacional de Porto Alegre
One DAY to Glow :cool::p!!!!!
U Catolica plays at home too Friday the 1st Vs Sao Paulo
Colo Colo 2 Vs 0 Internacional de Porto Alegre,

Goals in Youtube . . . .

Thanks to the VAR missing in action until this Stage, the Brazucas scored a goal but rigthfully called back for offsides. :D
The Nuns (Universided Catolica) play Sao Paulo at their home in SE Santiago tonite...Sao Paulo not doinn well, lets see if Catolica takes advantage of that.
Catolica WAS destryoed by Sao Paulo 4x2 in Santiago...Wow I hate to see what happens in Brasil in another week
Colo Colo in Porto Alegre tonite . . C'mon Lads...lets keep on winning . . . . . . . . :D
Internacional 4-1 Colo Colo

The Chieftains out of another S Am Cup
Sao Paulo 4-1 U Catolica

Brazucas rule over Chile this week in the Sudamericana
In Penalties, Yesterday Result:

Tonite 8-11-22

Aug 31st:

Independiente del Valle Vs Melgar
Independiente de Valle lo gana 3x0
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