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Strongest football nation in East Europe

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Being Serbian I would have to say Yugoslavia but you can call me biased!!
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Thats a good question.Two years ago I would of have said Croatia but know im not so sure.Its tough Romania is good and Even though I would like to say Yugoslavia were not that convincing.I couldnt give you an anwer at this point in time.
romania is the best because of its records...they are much more superior than any country from eastern europe.
Well it's a tough question to answer. I would definetely say that Yugoslavia has the most talent coming out of Eastern Europe. But based on team play, chemistry and results I would have to go with Romania at the moment. My top 5 Eastern European teams.

1) Romania
2) Yugoslavia
3) Croatia
4) Czech Republic
5) Ukraine
At this very moment I'd say the Czech's. They didn't have a hard group for qualifying, but they dominated. Didn't even drop a point. We all know how easy it is to tie games even against weak opposition, but they didn't, they won every game.
I also think it is very hard to say, maybe things will be clearer after EURO..
Anyway, I think it would be a close battle between Romania, Croatia and Yugoslavia..
With Czech Republic and Ukraine following closely... :) :)
Hey! I'm from Poland and I have no doubts about this question. The best team from Eastern Europe is Yugoslavia. There is no discussing that. I like Romania, but the team is way past it's peak and it will suck big time in EURO 2000. The Czechs are very impressive, but also very unlucky --> byt his I mean a group with Holland and France. Bad. Ukraine is OK, I guess and so is Croatia, but at the moment it has to be Yugoslavia. No question about it. :) AndEURO 2000 will prove me right... :)
Well, labas, all I can say is a very big thank you... :D :)
You're even more optimistic than I am... :)
"Romania will suck big time ine Euro 2000???"

I don't wan't to comment this oppinion of yours, labas, just contact me after Euro2000 because I'm sure you'll change your oppinion.

Also, "the team it's way past its peak". I don't agree with this too. See Stoica, Niculae, Mara and Chivu. And Hagi plays better than in its youth.

You say the Czechs are very unlucky. I don't agree. They can easily beat France, a team only with individual talents, a team that is struggling with Iceland and Slovenia. Also see Holand match against Scotland @ home finished 0-0.

If the Czechs are unlucky, then Romania should be unlucky too. But we aren't. Why? Because we play great against anglo-saxons teams: England and Germany. We are afraid by Portugal, even though we won against them in Lisbon.

I can't answer the topic because some teams are very very close like: Yugoslavia, Romania, Croatia, Ukraine and Czech Republic.
I'm not wrong and you'll see this. IMO Ro,mania aare very lucky to get such a sh|te group, with ENG and GER. Both teams suck big time at the moment and whatever happens in this stage, I mean whoever makes it through will be immediately eliminated by the next contendors. My pick for EURO 2000 is Yugoslavia. Spain and Holland will fuc* up again and the Czechs might not even brake out of the group, but like I said...ot's nothteir fault, because if the would swap places with Romania they would've also won the sh|ttiest group of EURO 2000.



XXX Poland ;)
labas, i have to disagree with you...i believe in romania and i say that they can even win euro2000.

but im sure they will at least make the semi finals.

Romania has the easiest group labas?

This is sooo not true, Germany and England can turn it up at any given moment, while Portugal has one of the best midfields in the world. At least in Yugoslavia's group there is Slovenia who everyone should get 3 points off, but watch I think Yugoslavia is going to tie them, or struggle against them.

And Romania is NOT past it's peak, we have very good youth coming in right at this moment along with our newly inspired veterans.
yep...their future is looking great. combining the youth plus the veterans, they will succeed to another level.
guys you can't argue with Labas. He knows all about football. He is a football expert. Yes Labas, Romania sucks and are in a easy group...yes Labas....your the expert.


Watch EURO first and then you could speak whatever you want.

And you, Marcoa, of course you agree with labas, cause you're Portuguese. Your oppinion is not relevant.

Bocur David, Marcoa wasn't agreeing with labas, he was being sarcastic ;)
Hehe David, what Marcao said was sarcastic.
me be sarcastic ;)


Don't be a baby marcoa! It's my opinion on the matter and I'm entitled to it. Of course I may be wrong, but I sure ain't gonna back of, jut because this group is full of Romanians, who can't be a bit objective ;) Maybe we should go to the Yugoslavian forum...suddenly we'd find out I'm not all that alone in my opion ey? Marcoa, you've really gone down in my eyes... :(
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