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actually and while we are goin to closing the race on sunday with a great hope that juve will draw ..not lose or not win ..and then we can find our selves playing them in the play off .......and while the cannavaro,s goal forgetting us the most problem we are suffering from which is Strikers .....
who do u all prefer for the next season ?
myy suggestions..
1- lopez ..he is already comming.
2- batistuta ..but the argentine national team thing is making me hesitate it.
3- vieri ..but its also going to be hard if not impossible
4- saviola .....he is young , great skills, scores alot, fast , and young with no chance in the comming period to play in the national team with the giants they have now.
waiting for ur suggesstions ...
by the way i have nothing against salas

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Hey JG!! Nice to hear from you again... figure out what 'dude'
means yet?

As far as the strikers go, yeah of course Lopez!
Batistuta would be far to expensive to buy and besides...
Fiorentina won't want let him go anyway. What can I say about
Vieri, other than PLEASE GET HIM BACK!!
Saviola? Well,... I heard Figo might be available, so
I'd try to get him!!!

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oh yes boyo
i know now wut dude means
i dont like figo in lazio
he is a winger and old too
he is not a goal scorer
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