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Now,this will sound a bit confusing so pay attention:

Real is now closer to Milosevic.But if Real signs Milosevic they will pull out of the deal they have with Diego Tristan.Tristan has suddenly found himself in the Parma list while Fiorentina claim to have an agreement with him (which is probably bull**** cause they got the Brazilian forward and nuno Gomes).So if Real gets Milosevic we'll get Tristan,if Real gets Tristan we'll get Milosevic.And on top of this Anelka's brother said that Nicola$ will stay at Real.So they probably wont get another forward so both Milosevic and Tristan are free if Anelka's bro told the truth.

What on earth is going on? :confused:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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