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Striker Dilemma

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I think everybody would agree that the names for all positions except the striking position is pretty much certain, namely Cacerés as a CB, Hleb as a CM/winger and Alvés as a RB. For the striking position however we seem to have a bit of an issue on our hands.

Eto'o is leaving, that is certain and there is no point in denying it so we will need to sign a replacement of the highest level.

The names in the press seems to be the following:

- Adebayor

For some reason we are linked with this player who even the Arsenal fans themselves don't seem to rate despite his good season. We all know as well the record for Arsenal players leaving and personally I'm struggling to think of even one that was succesful.

He has recently stated that he will stay at Arsenal so that means he is unlikely to join.

- Berbatov

His price and the fact that the board seems to prefer other players makes him an unlikely acquisition.

- Ibrahimovic

One of the favourite of the boards but it's rumoured that he has been offered a Mega-contract consisting of €12million anually which is "outside the market" so to speak and this would make it difficult.

- Villa

He was rumoured a while back but it seems to have faded mostly because the board thinks he's better suited to a counter-attacking team rather than a dominating one. Make of that what you will. His relatively small size rules him out and it's not even discarded that he might stay at Valencia yet.

- Benzema

Last but not least.

The favourite of the fans and the board. Is young but has it all. Strength, technique, dribbling skill, shooting, finishing, off the ball movement and so on. You name it and he probably has it.

The main problem however is the players insistence on staying another season what with the new contract which makes him the best paid player in Ligue 1 and the fact that Lyon has no intention of selling unless a monster club-breaking offer comes in.

Personally, Benzema is my favourite but even I think it would be best for him to stay on another season if he is uncertain that could't handle the pressure of playing at a top club, let alone one which desperately needs to win now. It takes a lot more than just skill and even physique if you want to make it here. He will need sizable balls to to withstand the tremendous pressure of a club which will even boo it's own players if they are unhappy. You need to be absolutely sure and confident in your self IMO, there can be room for no doubts.

The reason this is a dilemma is because we WILL sign a new striker but know one seems to have a clue of who that might be yet.

I haven't included the likes of Guiza, Cruz, Crespo and so on because they would only be backup-up at best if they arrived and with Henry staying this option looks unlikely.

Another potential problem we have on our hands is if Ronaldo leaves Manchester. Not only would it seriously fortify Madrid but it would almost certainly mean United would skip past us and sign Benzema and Alvés in front of our noses. If this scenario came true it would be a nightmare and we would essentially be screwed. All we can do ATM is hoping this doesn't happen because it's a lose-lose situation.

So what do you think/should happen for the striking position?

And no Eto'o staying etc. Only come up with suggestions which are grounded in reality please.
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I say, go all in for Benzema. No hesitation whatsoever, be brave. :fero:
Just sign him and forget about the cost. We can afford him

Ok, I know that Samu will leave but I really want to know why they force him out? If anyone has a clue or reliable information. Because I'm sure this isn't his own choice.
The yellow card he recieved before the classico which the media blew out of proportions, which meant that he got booed by the fans, which made him head-butt a journalist, which made his situation untolerable and so on.

It's like a snowball effect and once it starts you cannot stop it.

His big mouth also probably had something to do with it.
As I said in the TR-thread, if we (have to) sell Samu for good money, take it and foward it directly to Aulas. Now, reach an agreement with Lyon before the Euro starts. I don't want us to get into a bidding war with Real or ManU.

I also think with the likes of Abidal, Henry who should know him very good and maybe convince him (during the euros?) and some awesome players like Messi, Iniesta, Bojan,... I think he would like to play with them, so we should have a good chance that he would like to join us, if we meet Aulas' demands...
Maybe we should utilise Abidal and Henry to tell him how great Barca is and bla bla bla. :lick:

And yes I know Henry and Abidal had a torrid season. ;)

Can't hurt to try at least.
Alright, if we're realistic now. This is probably the last time we could get +€30m for Samu, right? Ok, if he stays and has a smashing next season it wouldn't be a problem next season as well. But it's a huge risk because he can end up injured once again, he can have a average season etc. So the best thing is probably to cash in now.

Go for it, even if I love him. :proud:
Surprised you haven't mentioned Huntelaar or Mario Gomez. They might not be the front runners but they are clearly better than Cruz or Crespo at this point.
I can't believe that we want Eto'o out in favour of any these players. This is Eto'o, the Madrid-killer, the lionheart, the guy who still scored 18 goals despite missing huge chunks of the season, the only natural finisher in the team, the scorer of the equaliser in Paris...

until Eto'o says in the media that he wants a change, I refuse to believe that his story ends here. R10 sure, Eto'o surely not.
Well, if they don't want to sell Samu, they'd have gone out and denied publically that he is for sale, like our board has done often with Ronaldinho.

I don't know if Samu himself wants to leave, but it seems like our board wants to offload him.
At the end it could be Huntelaar...

No one seems to talk about him but he could be a perfect choice for pep...i wouldnt mind him at all...

Together with Benzema and Gomez (maybe adebayor) he seems the best choice
But wouldn't a transfer of Huntelaar generally rule out any move for Benzema, be it this summer or the next one?

Benzema is way above him. Just saw a short summary of the friendly between France and Paraguay yesterday at night, what an awesome player he is, like leckan said, this guy has everything. Dribbling, pace, strength, headers, shots, freekicks, damn, even his vision and passes seem to be great.
WHy not move Henry into a more of a striker position, with messi and Bojan it seems you all you need is a back up # 9
Benzema at all costs!!! But it seems more likely to me that no one at Barca finds any balls between his legs and Karim ends up in Madrid or Manchester...
Well here is what i think....i dont want Etoo to leave for less than 40m. I dont know who can replace him but i want him to stay.

The Inzhagi,Cruz,Guiza rumours are just ppl that will replace Gudjohnsen or a Larsson type player.

What do u guys think of suazo btw?
Suazo is good as a backup.

If Eto'o goes I'd love to see Benzema sign if not then Villa.
Los Ché play a hard bargain. They want €40m for Villa.
Los Ché play a hard bargain. They want €40m for Villa.
Too much. Benzema should be the main target now.
its fvcking idiotic I say, we have a proven world class striker and there are stories of us wanting to sell him and get a substitute with lessee quality and for same amount of money. The only thinkable substitute is benzema and both him and aulas have repeatedly said he isn't leaving. Specially note benzema himself saying he'd want to stay for a year.

Note 2 : Aulas will problaby get the same amount of dough the next year as he would this year and he has a good chance of cashing in on benzemas good form in the wc and next season with let's say shirt sales.

Aulas ain't that stupid to get rid of his biggest asset when he could milk that asset for even more money and also improve his teams performance.

So I'm still hoping on etoo until our next years coach will actually say something about the situation because until now Laporta has stated the astronomical price of etoo and two clubs from Milan are trying to get etoo for a knock off price. The two sums are lightyears apart from each other.
So as far as I can see, it will clear up when guardiola gives his opinion on whether he'll be counting on etoo or not.
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