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i remember, last season, when liverpool werent doing too well, there were hardly anyone posting in the liverpool forum, but now that liverpool are doing well again, there are more posters...because liv isnt sh*t anymore, or because more ppl have found xtratime.com......?

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Look at my admission date for my answer.
Loose Moose,I joined Xtratime during the summer...me and Xax were trying HARD to make this forum lively but nothing.Niente.Nada.Suddenly more people came in like M,Pool,Papido,Badge,Sky and LFCNet and now we have the best forum at Xtratime with quality discussions going on (posting-wise,the Lazio forum is rocking as well,but they talk **** all the time recenlty)

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
Agree with the boys , may be this site has taken off with more LFC supporters knowing about it .
Not Glory Hunters like the Manc's .
Also I was useing the Juve site and they would agree with you Amoroso about the Lazio forum .
Well, i can only speak 4 myself and the reason i am relatively new here is because i only stumbled across this site on the net about 3 weeks ago. Glad i did though. ;)

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I should say this is the best LFC forum I've seen on the net.

There are a few Liverpool fans from my site using my old forum whom I''m trying to get them sign up here. They didn't quite like the idea of "registering" to post, so I'm trying to knock it into them!

i think that it's only this year that most of the fans have come across this site....
and it's not whether l'pool is doing well or not...
cos even if that was the case..l'pool fans are the BEST!! ;) :D
I only registered on the site when I found it, came across a few posts I felt strongly against and registered to make my point. From then on I've been a fairly regular poster to the Liverpool site, and since I've supported them for 18 years I think it's safe to say I'm not a glory hunter! :) Sure I've seen some good times, but I've seen more bad times recently!

thank you AMOROSO! for your forgetable hardworking... :)
this forum is the best right now!!!
At the first time I was at the parma forum, there are lots of massage been posted there.

Stumbled across this forum and tried to post some massage but all answer i've got (that I remember!) was only from AMOROSO and some other idiots like the everton's ****ing fan and manU's ****ing fan. So me and AMO started to compared liverpool and parma, as we supported the same teams and because they were actually shown similarities both in wins and league position...

I'm actually surprised, because we are now so lively and become one of the best forum in this site. Now, I even visit this forum more regularly, than to the parma's forum..(send my hello to debs, amo..)



FORZA Liverpool...
FORZA Parma...
FORZA Schumacher...
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It's the hardest thing on Earth, I mean beeng the Reds fan. They'd always make you feel that the old glory days are near, but then they'd suddenly kick you in the groin. Right now they loosing to Leicester 0:2 at Anfield! BASTARDS!!!!!

Bye-bye champion's League...
Does anybody know what's happening to the team? We are in danger of missing out on Europe. Why is Owen playing so crappy? I'm really as much worried as I'm frustrated now.
Maybe this sounds too harsh to GH, but remember when France needed only a point from their last 2 games which they played at home against Bulgaria and Israel to qualify for USA'94? Before the game against Chelsea we needed only a point to secure a passage to Europe... Two down, two to go. I wonder if the guy is jinxed or something?
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