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Stop whinging! Hear the facts!!

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Lazio fans should stop whinging. Bolonga were robbed of a penalty in the game against you on the weekend. Oh no, Lazio must of payed the refs. YOU CHEATERS!!!!! The corner which Cannavaro's header happened, was not a corner from the start. The ball came off a Parma player. So if they did allow the goal, Juve should have complained. And the ref blew his whistle before the ball even went in the net. STOP COMPLAINING AND START REALISING YOU CAN"T BUY THE SCUDETTO!!!!!

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Of course we can't buy lo scudetto... JUVE HAS ALREADY
BOUGHT IT!!! So, just shut the hell up man!! You're the
one who's complaining!!
Hmmm...what's the definition of 'buying' the scudetto, I wonder? ;) And I'm not whining abt our VICTORY against Bologna. Hey, what a coincidence that on that day DP finally could score from an open-play...and Salas also managed to find the net again! My congratulations to Salas.

Forza Lazio
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