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Stimac Retires

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Today Igor Stimac announced his retirement from soccer siting a chronic back problem....

As much as we've critisized him we have to thank him for his service with the NT and his steady play. What he does off the field is something else, but on the field he has done nothing to embarass himself or the National Team.

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By the way, Bilic is stepping down as Hajduk coach at the end of the season....
Igor Stimac. The seasoned veteran and NT regular. Another of Croatia's "Chile" generation retires, you'll remember he scored for ex-jugo in t he final, along with Boban and twice Suker.

There's nothing keft to say except, HVALA IGORE !

(This was the best Ero can do at being emotional...smrc smrc.)
Stimac - a sad day for fans of Hajduk and the vatreni.

Bilic will probably be back on the bench. He needs some experience being an assistant before really being able to coach a semi-big club like Hajduk.:depress:
man, every time I refresh, there's more posts here...:)

(I mean on the forum)
We're trying to get to 10,000 posts for the forum....;)
Thanks for informing me Mr. Forum Manager ;)
No Problem Gosp. Forum Manager...:D
It will be interesting to see if the current centre backs can live up to Stimac and Bilic.

Tudor looks like he can and considering Simunic is developing hopefully they'll surpass those standards.

Hvala Igore.:proud: :proud: :proud:
One thing that pissed me off about Simac, was his long balls that found no-one in his 15 year career. He would masterfully disposses the oppositions best player, push his way through 4 opposing midfielders and strikers using elbows, shoulders and that head of his, run clear into space with the ball near the centre circle. With 4 short passes on, Boban, Prosinecki, Jarni and Asanovic wide open, waiting for the ball, Stimac lofts it with all his might upfield to a streaking Suker who's 13 meters away, who offers his trademark thumbs up.

I've never seen Igor complete this pass, I'm not even sure why Blazevic never told him not to attempt a 30 meter high ball when he's got the best midfield in the world to pass to. But that's Igor Stimac, Ciro was probably scared ;)
lol ero its so true i love how u notice these things. I would never think of that but right as u said it , its so true. Al jebiga u cant take much more away from igore, certainly one of the Croatian football greats.

I would love to know what Suker is really thinking when he was giving him the "thumbs up." Something in the lines of, "Jebem ti...." and it goes from there......:D
I think Stimac thought he was Beckenbaur where he can put the ball at your feel from 60 meters away...but then realized that he wasn't....and then....
I've seen him kick it over the oppositions goal, sure it took a bounce, but it still flew over :)

:( :( :( :( :( It´s a sad day for Croatia.....:( :( :( :( :(

Thank you Igor for everything!:)

A true ambassador for Croatia!
One of few players who really said what he think! About soccer, war etc.;) :tongue: :) :cool:
Stimac did speak his mind, I'll give him that too.
yeah i'm sad aswell....Stimac was class. He was a major reason why Derby promoted to the Premier League. it's always tough when one of our original vatreni retire.
we'll have to get used to that, only 3 players to go :(
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