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Congratulations to Lazio, Kurang ajar curi barang orang. Have any of you ever tried playing in the rain???? Feeling your boots sinking to the ground and everything pulling you down. The freezing rain and the annoying wet mud hit you as you run. Well, as much as the Juve team and my team hate it we still played in it and imagine how hard it is to realise in the end that you loose everything that you've work so hard for. It's so similar to what I feel now, working so hard all season for it and now it's all taken away from me and them. I was thinking after my game, what if that happen to Juventus too (my game was earlier)? And unfortunately it really did happen. So to all the Juve fans I know how they feel even my league is only a little league but it still hurts. And those fans of the "other' team, "puas hatilah kamu semua."
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