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Starting line up for Galatasray

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assalam 3alikom
what should be the best starting line up for Galatasray this season?
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LINE UP :))))

nerelý lan bu?







The Turkýsh medýa also have been talkýng aboua lýnk between Galatasaray and Lazio`s Concecaýo... ý dont know whats goýng o with Boksic..ý am sure we wýll egt somone famous for that posýtýon.
thýs seems to be the best line-up for me.

By the way, yesterday we won for 4-1 agaýnst frýbourg by goals from Umýt, jardel, okan, mehmet. ý saw Hakan ýn very good form on the left side. he was lþike a tank like always. Hope he continues his form to the league and Cl.:cool:
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Conceicaio is a Parma player now. H was a part of the Crespo deal remember?

Ohh ý dýdnt know that :confused:

well, ý had seen it on tv a couple of times.
anyways, we need somone who wýll pair up well wýth jardel. Boksýc would be good. Jardel likes to score, not to assýst.I wýsh arif stayed :mad:
ý really have no idea who else could be good for that position. any opinions?
capone popescu emre

okan suat emre hakan


jardel ?(serkan or saffet)

hey where is ümit then? he will play sure.i think saffet is in good form now but a new foreigner will fill the space of arif but i really trust mehmet yozgatlý so much .he will do great
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Umit has no place ýn this team. hwre do u wnna play him. on right back?
no way, noone ýs better than Capone in that position.
right mýd? dont even mention, okan ýs there. my hero:cool:
when somone gets ýnjured ýn any of those positios Umit wýll play.

squzzy we cant just play everyone. thats the good thing of gala. we have good alternatives for every position. that brings us the success cu playrers work harder to maintain their postions.
carlito bülent is too old and does not have a chance to play.we have emre probably for him or alternatives vedat,and of course fatih.our defense is real good this year.and as it comes to ümit he is a good player u know milan even wants him.he can play at right wing alternative to okan(okan is very good there) but ümit is like joker he can play everywhere thats why milan wants him carlito not okan.he can play at midfield and i dont think hagi will play this year.he has no chance to play whole season
Bulent is my warrýor. he wýll be playing in my opinion.

Ý never said umit is a bad player. ýÝ just said in that line up he has no place. He is not a good winger in my opnýnýon. but he is a good midfielder.
he is a joker u r right. bu he is not even close to jhow okan is.

ý wont even get into a dýscusýon of that. okan ýs by far the best and most dedýcated player ýn galaytasaray. he plays with yhþis heart. thats what we nee. al of us know umit negotiated even with fenebahce.
this is my tactic:



----Jardel----Serkan or any striker in the team

but Lucescu likes sweeper system..so the team will be like this...


-------Jardel---Another striker,(who probably won't be Serkan)

SUBS:Kerem,Fatih,Emre Aþýk,Vedat,Umit,Ergun,Serkan,Mehmet Yozgatli,Saffet,Ahmet Yildirim...

we have so much alternatives that anybody on the bench can replace players on the pitch without problem...




even our reserves can be champion of Turkish league:D:D:D
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kadri u forgot hasan þaþ he can be jardels partner.carlito i love okan of course but ümit has always place in this team and he will be in first 11.of course he wiil talk with fener they gave him much more
yeah,u r right! Hasan Sas is also an alternative for both midfield and forward lines...
I hope Hagi won't play too much, so the youngsters will get some chances too, but, in my opinion, the best squad is





I think Jardel is a bit overrated. At Porto he played in a good passing team who created the assists. I hope he prooves me wrong. Marcio should play more often. He has good skill. I don't know much about Serkan. He was topscorer, but that doesn't say too much.
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If u play with 4 men at defence,Suat is a must as anchor man...Umit,Ergun and Ahmet are other alternatives but Suat is the best for that position
damn how could I forget Suat. he's one the most hard working men of our squad.
you're right
Put suat ýn and get umýt out of there immedýately.
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