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Just found this site about 15 minutes ago and it actually seems pretty cool. I guess it has been done in England. From their website, in a nutshell.

Now also in the Italian Football Championship, you can buy your own Club and you will pick the team.

SQUADRAMIA is just like a football management game with a big difference IT'S REAL.

You don't need to live in Italy to own and manage a real soccer club in the CAMPIONATO ITALIANO. You will vote on team selection and on which players to buy and sell.

Join for Free the other 20.000 supporter which ar going to realize this dream!

Anyway, seems pretty cool to me and I'll probably join up. What's 60 Euros. I'd be interested in hearing you guys' thoughts, though.

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Well, I'm going for it. We don't have to pay anyway, until we have the 20k members. Here is where they are at right now, from the founder...


Here some news on how is growing the Squadramia project, i think it could be interesting:

the main event is that several Clubs (3 at the moment) are contacting Squadramia because they are interested in becoming the club of the supporters.

Two of this are in the SERIE D of the Campionato Italiano (5th division from Serie A), and one is in the PROMOZIONE (7th division from Serie A)

The first Club who contacted us and his supporters worked very much to support him is the Rondinella Calcio (Florence City). Actually is fallen in Promozione, but not many years ago it was the second club of Florence after Fiorentina. They played in the Serie C1 and they were friends with Fiorentina, but in the period when Fiorentina was fallen in lower divisions the Rondinella tryed to become the first club of Florence with the consequence of lot of problems in the city and they lost lot of support from theyr fans. For this reason the club as fallen to the Promozione, but today they are in the way to be friends again with Fiorentina supporters, and they want to be acquired from Squadramia to come back to their beautiful past in Italy.
The Stadium is ok for the C1. In Squadramia forum all peoples appreciated the idea to a newera for Rondinella, but they've been discussion because the stadium is surrounded by not beautiful buildngs, but other peoples reminded that at less than 2 km ther'is the center of Florence and it's near to Piazzale Michelangelo, one of the most beautiful sight of Florence from the hill.
We've been there and we made a live written report in squadramia:


these are the pictures of the day:


and an article from the newspaper (ther've been 3 articles and a radio an tv interview):


Tomorrow, sunday 9 march, we will be in the Tolentino stadium in the match with the Venafro (in this Club plays Maradona Jr, son of the big MARADONA), and at 2.30 pm in CET (+6 hours from NY) there will be a web-report in Italian of the match and a radio trasmission live (from a local radio station) on the webradio.
You're obviously inveted to be present during the match at this link (now under construction, ready for sunday):


It can be intersting to know that the actual members in majority they prefer to realize this dream beginning with a 6th or 7th division club, because there are lot of ex-stars, wich today are fallen, and they've pretty stadiums and buildings, and the members want to have the possibility to learn how to manage better their club and winning matches during this studying/improving period.

At this link ther's a map, from Google, of the location of the members who specified their city in the registration form (it takes lot of time to load the page):

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