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Are we set for next seasons ??


1) A Peruzzi
2) L Marchegiani
3) E Concetti


P ***** ( first choice right )
A Nesta ( first choice center )
F Couto ( first choice center )
G Pancaro ( first choice left )
G Favalli ( second choice left )
S Mihajlovic ( second choice center )
N Sensini ( second choice center )
G Gottardi ( second choice right )

Comments: Alot of old warhorses :( :) I´m sure we can expect stable performances from all these defenders ( not counting Mihajlovic ) but when it comes to attacking skills Pancaro and ***** are alone on the wings. Couto - Mihajlvoic issue needs to be solved and I hope Eriksson has enough courage to see that Couto is a much better defender.
Sensini is a joker and I´m not sure I want those in defence :) Gottardi isn´t Lazio material. Favalli is a good replacement for Pancaro.

I had great hopes for a new talent in defence, someone we could say " he´ll be superb in 1 - 2 seasons "

Expected buys: Torricelli will probably take the place of Gottardi and that´s a great swap. I would also like to see someone new in central defence, like I mentioned above a huge talent that would be great in 1 - 2 seasons.


P Nedved ( first choice left - can go central )
J Veron ( first choice playmaker )
D Simeone ( first choice central )
S Conceciao ( first choice right wing - can defend )
M Baronio ( second / first choice central defensiv / playmaker )
D Stankovic ( second choice right - should go central )
G Pinzi ( third choice right )
A Lombardo ( forth choice right - can go left, defending )
I De La Pena ( Second ?? Choice playmaker )

Comments: Nedved - Veron - Simeone - Conceciao is the best midfield in Serie A and should Baronio perform the way he performed last seasons Simeone will be on the bench and we´ll be even better. As you can see there are alot of options on the right wing and hardly any on the left. We have alot of options for defensiv midfielder ( Sensini, Baronio, Simeone ).

Do we have a joker in Ivan De La Pena ?? Well he was considered one of the biggest talents in europe.

I had great hopes for a left wing that could allow Nedved to go central.

Expected buys: Well it looks like Zenden might replace Conceciao and the funny thing about this is that I wanted Zenden in the euro 16 that was selected :) waay before he was a wanted man by Lazio. Zenden is better on the left side so I´m not really sure what to make of this. Still it´s a great buy but not really a replacement.


C Lopez ( first choice segunda punta )
M Salas ( second chocie segunda punta )
S Inzaghi ( first choice striker )
F Ravanelli ( second choice striker )

Comments: Well the attacking situation is chaotic to say the least :) we´ll probably see Salas at some other team and Crespo will be first choice striker bumping S Inzaghi into second choice.

We must have a forth attacker but who ?? I´m sure Cragnotti will find someone to replace Mancini / Boksic ( maybe Ferrante of Torino, Cammarata of Verona, Kallon of Reggina and if we can dream Saviola :) )

This team looks extremely good and if Pinzi can reach the next level and Stankovic can get back to his level we are going to have a great midfield.

Point is we need to sign a couple of players after the Crespo deal and I hope Cragnotti will look at what the team needs.

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Svennis this is your realistic :) dream Lazio team?
I think you can swap Concetti and Carini for 3rd choice as Concetti has gone on loan to a serie c team and most likely Carini will have to stay with us!!

About the defence, maybe Gottardi will be forced out and Colonesse will take his place since we have already traded Lomabdi for him!!

For now that team looks excellent but it looks like 2 champions Salas and Conceicao will be on their way out :( and replaced by Crespo and Zenden :( but maybe thats for the better :)

And then we would need to buy 1 more striker to sit on the bench!!

This is my oppinion now!!

Peruzzi (first choice keeper)
Marchegiani (on the bench every game + plays copa italia)
Carini (will get a few games off the bench)

***** (right back, maybe our 2nd best defender)
Pancaro (left back, depending on form may be replaced by favalli during the season)
Nesta (Centre back)
Mihajlovic (centre back. As long as eriksson is coach he will always be prefered to Couto)
Favalli (Bench leftback)
Colonesse (bench Rightback)
Couto (reserve centreback)

others: Gottardi and Sensini (will only play Copa Italia or if we have many injuries)

Nedved (leftmid)
Conceicao (rightmid)
Simione (defensivemid, i hope Baronio gets some starts)
Veron (playmaker central)
De La Pena (reserve central playmaker)
Stankovic (reserve right mid or playmaker central)
Baronio (reserve defensive mid)
others: Pinzi, Lombardo will get a few games only

Lopez (2nd striker)
Inzaghi (cherry picker)
Salas (bench 2nd striker)
Rava (bench cherry picker)

Some additions could be Crespo, Palermo, Zenden but maybe Palermo could go on loan!! I don't think that he would do that well imidiately at LAzio!!


My dream is to see in the center of the defence the pair *****-Nesta: who remembers what did these 2 togheter in the season '97-'98? But I think that Miha will play also next year, he is one of the favourites of Eriksson, so he has more chances than Couto. I also think that if Salas will stay, we will see Inzaghino starting many matches, el Matador isn't on good terms with Sven Goran. I had heard about the buy of Capdevilla from A.Madrid but maybe he was too cheap for Cragnotti: just 12 billions liras!:)
PS: You have forgotten Pesaresi and I consider Sensini a midfielder.

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You all think Miha plays because his very good understanding with Eriksson don't you ??! :mad:

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Capdevilla stay with Atl.Madrid at least for one more season.
The team for next season:

Peruzzi (1st choice)
Marchegiani (2nd choice)
Concetti/Carini (3rd choice)

ps: Concetti has gone on loan to one of serie C team??


***** - Nesta - Couto/Miha - Pancaro

If we sign Pesaresi and Toricelli, i'd be very happy :)
I'd like to have a new central defender: Barry, Woodgate, Athirson ( a new Roberto Carlos, very versatile), Frederico Lazzeri ( a new Franco Baresi)???

De la pena

Conceicao?? - Baronio - Veron - Nedved
There are a rumours about Zenden, we might try to get Jorgensen instead :)


Lopez - Salas
Sounds good to me, I rate #10 :)

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:confused: :confused: So which one is loaned? Carini or Concetti? I thought svennis was correct at first, that it's Carini being loaned? Or is it Concetti now?
Can someone clarify this, who's our 3rd goalie for next season?
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