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Spurs coach Jol insists no row with Palace's Dowie
By Ian Ferris - December 3, 2004

Tottenham boss Martin Jol insists he has full respect for Iain Dowie and does not want to be dragged into trading insults with the Crystal Palace boss.
Jol attempted to defuse a row which was sparked when Dowie, working as a television pundit, questioned the selection of Pedro Mendes on the right of midfield in Tottenham's defeat to Aston Villa last Monday.

Jol claimed the Palace boss was "not fit to mend my shoelaces", prompting a robust response from Dowie.

"He took RKC Waalwijk from the verge of bankruptcy in Holland and got them out of it. I've researched what he's done and I respect it. It's a shame he's not had the decency to do the same," said Dowie.

Jol reiterated his belief that Dowie should not have criticised another team, but insisted he had done his research.

"We are good colleagues. He is the same as I was in Holland, he brought a small team to the Premiership. Maybe he didn't know, but I know all about him," said Jol.

"I respect him, and he knows that. There is no story. The only thing I said is that it is not done when one manager talks about another manager's team.

"He shouldn't make comments on my team, but when he is a pundit you have to say something and I appreciate that. I have no problem with him."

Jol tried to explain that his shoelace comment is not as disparaging when used in Holland as it came across in English.

"In Holland if you criticise men, I say you can't do my shoelaces, but it is different to say you are not fit to do my shoelaces," Jol said.
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