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Nation : Brazil
Year of Establishment : 1905
Stadium : Ilha do Retiro (35.000 seats)
Brazilian State Championship : Winner (39)
Brazilian National League : Winner (1)
Copa Brasil : Winners (1), Runner-Up (1)
All-Time Top Scorer : Traçaia (202 goals)
The Greatest Player Ever : Ademir de Menezes
The Greatest Manager Ever : Nelsinho Batista
All-Time XI : Magrão, Betão, Ailton, Durval, Dedé; Dinho, Leomar, Raul Betancour, Ribamar; Ademir de Menezes and Traçaia.


Sport Club do Recife, a centenary club with a rich history. It all started on 13/05/1905 with the ideas and ambitions of Guilherme de Aquino, founder of Sport, and his followers, as is stated on the club's hymn. The first match of the lion, as it would later be known, was against English Eleven, one of the first teams in the state of Pernambuco, and finished tied for the joy of the new and enthusiastic fans of Sport Club do Recife. Red and black were chosen as their colors, thanks to the appointment of Guilherme who came from a British university, Cambridge, whose colors were red and black.

Sport only started to play in Pernambuco's state champíonship on it's second edition, in 1916, and managed to win in it's first participation. The following year brought our second title, we were the first team to win two-in-a-row, and later we would be the first to win three-in-a-row,1923-1925.

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The lion nickname comes from the club's mascot and logo, the lion has a special meaning for Sport's fans, not just because its the king of the jungle, its a symbol of determination and power for them.The year was 1919 and Sport made a trip to Belém, until then a more developed center in football, for a series of friendly matches that would reward the winner with the trophy Lion of the North. The locals were certain that the prize would stay in Pará, but they underestimated the strength of the unknown "Sport of Recife" who won most of the matches and became, for the first time, champion outside Pernambuco, but the fans, enraged, tried to take the trophy back, but they only managed to break the Lion's tail, the trophy has a tape holding its tail until the present day in the club's trophy room.

Sport bought a land in in 1935 to build a stadium, two years later Ilha do Retiro was being inaugurated. The name changed to Adelmar da Costa Carvalho a couple of years later, but everybody says Ilha do Retiro. The first match took place on 04/07/1937 and was against archrival Santa Cruz. The game ended with a win 6x5 for Sport with the last goal scored by Haroldo Praça in the last minutes of the match.

The 40's were very good for the lion, Sport was one of the first clubs from the North/Northeast to tour to the south of Brazil, the disparity between the regions was already great, seventeen games were played with eleven wins, two draws and only four defeats. This wonderful performance impressed teams in the south and that culminated with several players leaving the red and black squad, among them the #2 top scorer of all times Djalma and the greatest player to wear the shirt of Sport and, perhaps, from Pernambuco. Ademir Menezes, aka Queixada. A few years later another great player was discovered, his name was Vavá, top scorer of the 62 world cup.

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A world Cup had its place in Sport's history, the 1950 game Chile 5x2 USA was held in Ilha do Retiro. The 50's had the honor to see our better attacking group with Traçaia, the club's top scorer of all times with 201 goals, Naninho, #3 with 105 goals, Soca, Geo and Gringo. Sport also discovered Manga, one of the top-10 brazilian goalkeepers of the history.

Between 63 and 74, Sport had a long sequence without titles, but in 75 all changed, the "Supertime da Ilha" managed to win the first title in more than 10 years with names like Assis Paraíba, Miltão and Dadá Maravilha. In 77 Sport made its longest match ever, 158 minutes of football due to a crack in the competition's statute, penaltys werent in the statute, until Mauro scored a goal in a incredible effort.

The 80's are special for the 87 brazilian championship title, won in the justice due to a problem between CBF and Clube dos 13, and the 89 brazil cup runner up, Ribamar, Betão and Roberto coração de Leão played in the 80's and are, until today, idols for Sport's fanatic fans.

In 1990, Sport won the Brazilian Second Division championship. This title has the honor of being in the club's logo alongside the other two nationals even though it's a second division because it symbolized the true love of the players, who, once, had to sleep in squares because the club was going through a financial crisis. In 94, the Northeast Cup title came after a penalty shootout against CRB in Alagoas. From 96 to 99 Sport was four times state champion with names that would be marked in the club's history, such as Juninho PE, Leonardo and Chiquinho.

The 2000's started with another Northeast Cup title and a runner up in the Champions Cup, Sport won 6 in 10 possible state championships, a Brazilian Cup in 2008, one of the toughest campaigns of the cup, crowned the team and its supporters. Two idols were formed in the 2000's, Durval and Magrão. The libertadores in 2009 was only the second appearance in the club's history, the round of 16 was the limit, but, compared to the other campaign, it was an improvement. After the tragic disqualification, the players weren't the same and that culminated in the demotion for the second division.

Sport is currently fighting to return for the 1st division.
(as of 27/06/2011)

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Ademir Menezes
Almir Pernambuquinho
Assis Paraíba

Dadá Maravilha
Djalma Freitas
Ely do Amparo
Emerson Leão
Givanildo Oliveira
Juninho Pernambucano
Luís Carlos
Marcílio de Aguiar
Raúl Bentancor
Roberto Coração de Leão
Zé Carlos Macaé
Zé Maria

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Top Scorers:

1º Traçaia 202
2º Djalma Freitas 161
3º Luís Carlos 108
4º Naninho 105
5º Leonardo 96
6º Dario (Dadá Maravilha) 94
7º Marcílio de Aguiar 93
8º Raúl Bentancor 91
9º Roberto Coração de Leão 89
10º Bé 80

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Welcome, Maninho. And Good job! Sport is sure a great traditional club. Second best in the Northeast behind my beloved Bahia. :tongue:

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Welcome to XT, Maninho! Join the best, forget about the rest! :D ;)

What's your take on Sport's chances this year, feeling confident? What does Sport's team look like right now? How are Marcelinho Paraiba and Carlinhos Bala playing?

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confident? yeah, we have a good team, don't know about a title, but I believe, at least, in the top 4.

Bala isn't what he used to be, but he remains a important player in the group, Marcelinho's season, so far, has been horrible, he gets tired in the second half really fast, it reached a point that we had to take him off the team and it's working. Tiaguinho, Ex-Flu, is taking control of the midfield alongside Maylson, Ex-Grêmio.
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