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SPL Split

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Hi everyone, I'm new here, and I thought I'd introduce myself by getting something off my chest! ;)

Am I the only one that hopes the SPL end-of-season split dies a well-deserved, horrible death? It's simply a bad idea. We miss another chance to beat on the Jambos to make trips to St. Johnstone and Motherwell? Come on! I admit I am bitter about my beloved Hibs playing in the "relegation group"( BTW,I blame Eck, not Franck S. for that :(

Despite this, I think the SPL would be better served by just playing the season out, and maybe extending it a few weeks.

Well, I feel better now! Do people agree, or should I get my rookie asbestos shield out?
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It trully is a pointless & pathetic exercise, though it does try & liven up the mid-table for the neutral (that'd be me).

Last season, didn't Aberdeen finish with more points than Dundee, but Dundee made the split so still finished 6th??? How stupid is that?

And welcome to our little forum, I do hope you last longer than the Dons fan who seemed to make 1 post before buggering off:D

I must warn you, Xtratime is addictive;)
It is not great by any means but it has produced some meaningful matches in the two seasons it has been here.

A club in seventh or eighth with no realistic chance of reaching a UEFA cup spot have something to aim for as do their fans.

My view is at least they have tried something aimed at improving the SPL (even if it was very slightly).

p.s Welcome to the mad house. :D
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