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Good performance, keep that level up and we'll we doing good. Nice to see JCD hit form again, hopefully his injury isnt too bad.

It sounded like 90s night at Tynecastle - swing low, 9 in a row, league flags coming home etc. Great stuff :D

Laddie said:
Hows everyone here doing anyway? I've been away for a while, the old crows still here? I've seen Alan, but not Chivo, Bocha or Teddy Bear. Are there fancy new names or something?
welcome back :)

Not on much at the moment as i dont have a computer - or rather i still have it but its melted into a blob of plastic and circuits on the kitchen floor after a fire :scream:

Chivo is the exiled heretic and Bocha is Protagorus - although he quit XT yesterday, hopefully will reconsider though.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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